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About MMA Gear AddictHello, My name is Mantas, I’m the founder of MMAGearAddict.com as well as mixed martial arts practitioner and competitor. I’ve been practicing various martial arts like Shotokan, BJJ, and Muay Thai since the age of seven. I’ve had the opportunity to train all over the United Kingdom, as well as some amazing time living and training with coaches Chinzo Machida and Kenny Johnson at Black House in Los Angeles.

Naturally, with all this training, I’ve run into a common problem; not all fight gear is created equal. For the new martial artist, picking out the right gear is a crapshoot; your gym may point you in the right direction, but with the huge number of MMA gear companies on the market today, you’re pretty much left to your own devices.

If it’s particularly poor equipment, it will actually cause injuries. A slightly out-of-line punch on the heavy bag, combined with a lousy wrist strap on your “bargain basement” gloves will put you out of the fight before your MMA career even gets started.

That’s why I started this website, and why so many other mixed martial artists have joined our ranks. I wanted to give martial artists of all levels an honest look, proven through research and experience, at their MMA gear. And when I say honest, I mean it both ways; good companies can make bad products, cheap gear can be more than tough enough to train with, the right gear for the pros isn’t always the right gear for you, and, despite what the “real” fighter with two black eyes and three missing teeth will say, using headgear in the gym doesn’t, in fact, mean you’re not training the right way for a fight.

What Do We Do?

We’re in the business of giving you honest reviews that save you both time and money, and we want your help to do it. Membership in our site is completely free, and we really want you to get into the discussion and helping us make a better, more informed community.

We want you to get involved in reviews too, and we want to give our best reviewers a chance to try out and review brand-new gear straight from the manufacturers. However, to make sure our site stays the best it can be, we do ask that you follow a few honest guidelines. Our reviews are strictly above-board; nobody can pay to get reviews changed, and our moderators keep out the spammers, the obvious flatterers, and anybody whose lack of knowledge or experience is apparent (or even dangerous). Everyone deserves to have their own opinion, but if someone is talking about the “explosive benefits” of their first try of their first supplement in a typo-ridden mess, we’re not going to give it our blessing.

What we’re building on this site is a reputation for honest, trustworthy feedback. Granted, we will occasionally receive free gear to test and we do get a small fee if you buy through our listed links, but we’re up front about everything we get.

Our reputation, and your confidence, are worth more to us than anything else. If we get a crappy product, we’ll tell you it’s a crappy product, no matter what.

We want you to have the right gear at the right price for the right training. And we promise we’ll work just as hard as you do. So sign up, bring your experience to the table, and let’s build something we can all be proud of.

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