Benefits of boxing for weight loss

Did you know that boxing is a fun and enjoyable way of working out? The sport makes drastic improvements to the health and wellness of a person. If you are looking to lose weight and get fit, boxing is the probable choice. 

The benefits of boxing for weight loss include burning calories, stress relief, reduction of body fat, upper body strength, etc. Boxing will not only make you physically fit but also increase your level of alertness, enhance your mood and boost your level of endurance. 

Losing weight through boxing will however require a lot of willpower, determination, and you will also be required to make some changes in your lifestyle and routine. For example, you should start eating on a diet to avoid the intake of huge amounts of calories.

You must also maintain your motivation in the sport to get good results. You can also join a boxing community, the people whom you will find there will support you and the weight loss journey will be fun. 

Let’s go through the benefits of boxing for weight loss!

Benefits of boxing for weight loss

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The following are the reasons why boxing is the best choice if you want to lose weight:

1. It Helps to Burn Calories

If you are looking for an activity that will help you lose weight fast and reach your weight loss goals quicker, boxing should be your top priority.

Cardio boxing workouts burn more calories as compared to other types of cardiovascular exercises.

A single session of boxing can burn up to 1000 calories as compared to activities such as walking, which burns 243 calories at most, and jogging which burns 398 calories per session.

Therefore, in terms of burning calories, boxing beats almost all of them.

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2. Boxing Helps to Burn Belly Fat

The ability of boxing to burn calories quickly also helps to reduce the fat that is normally found around the waist (visceral fat). 

A high accumulation of belly fat places you at a higher risk of acquiring various diseases.  Examples of such diseases include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer

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3. Boxing Works out the Entire Body

Boxing works out all different muscle groups in your body resulting in a faster weight loss process.

When you constantly work out using a punching speed bag, jumping rope, resistance training for boxing, you are going to achieve the results you want.  

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4. Boxing is a Stress Reliever

Most heavy people stress about their weight and one of the ways they can get relieved is by boxing.  When boxing your body releases a hormone called endorphin, the hormone that gives you a feeling of well-being. 

Through boxing, you will learn how to strike, dodge, and other techniques that will work out your body. The more you work out the more endorphins your body will release and this will boost your self-confidence. 

This will give you the motivation to push harder and shed some weight.

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5. Upper Body Strength

Boxing will not only help you burn calories in your body but will also give your hands and torso a beautiful muscle tone. It will also increase the muscular strength and endurance of your hands as compared to other exercises which focus only on the legs and bottom parts. 

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Boxing Exercises That Will Help You Lose Weight

After going through the benefits of boxing for weight loss, you probably do not know the best boxing exercises for a beginner.

You should look no further because in this text you will learn 3 easy exercises that you should begin with. For weight loss you should focus on the following exercises;

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a) Heavy Bag Exercises

The heavy bag exercise is one of the workouts you should consider if you want to lose weight. The exercise will help you to shed off some weight in as little as one or two weeks depending on your motivation. 

The first step to take while doing this exercise is to do a boxing warm-up. The boxing warm-up can entail jumping rope for about 10 to 15 minutes. 

Then, you should put on your boxing gloves and begin hitting the heavy bag. Punch the bag for three- ten minutes rounds and take 30 seconds of rest after each round. When doing this workout you will have to dodge the bag and punch it to move in another direction.

 The heavy bag exercise will not only help you lose weight but will also enhance your stamina, coordination, and reaction speed.

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b) Speed Bag Exercise

The speed bag exercise is one of the exercises that you should do to lose weight. It entails hitting a ballooned ball that is suspended by a hook to an elevated rebound platform board. 

You should start by hitting the ball again and again until it gains rhythm. Once it has gained rhythm you can increase the pace at which you punch the ball. The increase in the pace will increase your heart rate and promote weight loss by burning off fat. 

Constant repetition of the speed bad workout will help you lose weight in two weeks and it will also tone your arms and shoulders. 

c) Jumping Rope Exercise

Jumping rope consistently will help you lose weight in a matter of days. While doing the exercise, your heart rate increases and the calories in your body are burnt. 

 The jumping rope workout will also help you to warm up for other boxing exercises. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Boxing Good For Females?

Yes, boxing is a sport that even females should feel free to participate in.  The sport will help you as a lady become stronger, it will also increase your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories and fat all over your body, etc. 

 You just have to take the boxing exercises consistently, to achieve admirable results.

How Long Should I do Boxing to Lose Weight?

Boxing helps a person lose weight quickly, with as little as 4 weeks you should expect to have shed off some weight. However, you should exercise consistently, for example, 2 to 3 times a week. 

Also, you should combine boxing exercises with a proper diet. Exercise with the intake of large amounts of calories will give you nil results.

Losing weight through boxing is achievable but it will depend on your hard work, motivation, and persistence. The best way to start boxing is by joining a boxing program that has people with the same goal as you. 

This way, the workouts will be more fun and the friends you will get will push you to continue boxing in case you feel like giving up. 

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