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Combat sports like MMA, boxing, and wrestling require a lot of high-quality gear mainly during training and in the ring as there is a lot of physical contacts, from punches to kicks and even tackling.

Body protectors are not only worn by athletes but also by coaches during training as they can help absorb the most powerful impacts and shocks while protecting your body. You need to make sure that your body protector has enough padding so that you are well protected during the most hardcore training sessions.

Boxing body pads are quite important especially in the midsection and they should not only be strapped onto your body securely but feel comfortable so that you can be focused for longer periods. Body protectors help protect your ribs and organs and while some are secured with Velcro others have a strong buckle strap that doesn’t wear out easily and will last longer.

Always pick the most durable material and if you need to go in for synthetic leather then assure that you are well padded and protected, especially if your opponent hits you in specific areas of the body. With a body protector, you will always be able to see where the punches or kicks are landing and be able to improve your accuracy and performance as well as simulate a real fight in the ring without injuring yourself.

Here are some of the best quality boxing body protectors to look for:

Best Overall
Best Boxing Body Protectors - Title Boxing Classic Body Protector MMA short
Advanced design to fit your body curves and form
Multi-layer foam padding for super shock absorption
Impact-resistant inner foam
Moisture-wicking lining to keep you cool and dry
Adjustable shoulder pads for a tailored fit
Comfortable and lightweight
Great Return on Investment
Best Boxing Body Protectors - Ringside Super Boxing Body Protector MMA short
Constructed from synthetic leather to absorb shock and impact
Gel shock technology padding to guard ribs and chest area
Ringside belly bad for complete core protection
Lightweight and comfortable
Form fit and additional coverage to take body shots safely while training
Best for Heavy-Duty Training and Workouts
Best Boxing Body Protectors - Meister Body Armor MMA short
Maximum body shot for upper and lower body protection
Constructed with four layers of open and closed cell foam for padding and comfort
Ergonomic design tailored to fit your body
Added support, flexibility, and ease of movement
Padded shoulder supports for errant strikes

Editor’s Pick and Things to Consider When Buying the Best Boxing Body Protectors

Here are some of the best quality boxing body protectors to look for:

A body protector for boxing allows you to practice grappling, throwing, punching, kicking, and strikes during training and in the ring. It can be used by both boxers and trainers to help you work on your offense and defense as well as combinations to prepare you for the fight. When looking for the best boxing body protector you need to turn to a protector that is flexible, resilient, durable, and has enough padding and shock impact to protect you from any knocks, kicks, or punches. This allows you to have a more fluid training experience that is far more realistic as compared to just punching heavy or speed bags.

A boxing body protector, when combined with skill, agility, and high performance, can help you deliver optimum speed and performance in the ring and this is also great for a beginner that is not quite ready to spar yet. On that note, it’s now time to start looking at some of the best body protectors for boxing in the market.

Top 5 Best Boxing Body Protectors Reviewed

1. Title Boxing Classic Body Protector

Title’s boxing chest protector is a red and black model which is constructed from synthetic leather and comes along with adjustable straps. This protector is sturdy and has a thick layer of gel padding over-targeting zones to protect the wearer from any kicks and punches. It also features heavy padding around the spleen, liver, and stomach area to reduce impacts and shocks as well as the upper chest. The design has a raised target area in the middle where you can practice precise hooks and target areas.

Being quite bulky, this boxing body shield comes with adjustable straps and an ergonomic design that is tailored to fit your body curves for added protection and precise punching. These body protectors also have moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool and dry through hours of practice and padded shoulder pads for increased comfort and flexibility.

  • Moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool and dry
  • Three raised targeted areas to practice your hooks
  • A supportive fit and adjustable strap for added flexibility
  • Tough and durable shock absorbers for impact
  • Protects your upper and lower body organs
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Great for long-term use
  • Comes in only one color
  • Doesn’t cover your whole body

2. Ringside Super Boxing Body Protector

The Ringside body protector in MMA is the best option for new buyers and considering its affordable price, it comes packed with some great features. This body protector comes from a reliable and high-quality brand known all around for its top-notch gear. This body protector offers high protection and an innovative design for both the wearer and the one striking or punching. Even though it’s made from synthetic leather, it lasts for a long time and is quite durable through hours of sparring sessions, none of our customers have ever had an issue with it.

This Muay Thai body protector has a strong gel padding that absorbs shocks and impacts as well as discomfort or pair from your strikes and owing to its extensive coverage, you can practice your targeting at various levels of heights and angles. The red dots on the lower pad are clearly marked for striking and these areas are more heavily padded than the rest as well as fit your body perfectly during sparring.

  • The gel padding absorbs shocks and impacts
  • Ideal for professional wrestlers
  • Red-colored dots for target training
  • Made from high-quality and durable synthetic leather
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Excellent value for money
  • Fits your body securely
  • The straps may come loose after some time.

3. Meister Body Armor

Meister is one of the brands that offer a lot of new and well-tested gear. Their MMA body protector is made from synthetic leather and has a maximum body shot protector for the chest, ribs, groin, belly, and obliques. It’s durable, resilient, and built to last under heavy use and hours of training. It has an ergonomic design that hugs the body and allows for maximum mobility, flexibility and comfort during training. It also features padded shoulder supports and a buckle that fit your body’s curves and protect your groin from errant strikes.

Meister MMA body pads have four layers of thick open and closed cell foam with high impact density that provides unrivaled support and absorbs all the punches, impacts, and shocks with no shifting.

  • Four layers of padding for heavy shocks and impacts
  • Padded shoulders and a belt for support and flexibility
  • Thick, durable, and long-lasting
  • Extended groin protection
  • Crafted from sturdy and strong synthetic leather
  • Ergonomic design to provide a comfortable fit
  • For some people, it may be too heavy
  • You can get sweaty fast

4. Wesing Martial Arts Chest Protector

Best for Heavy-Duty Training and Workouts
Best Boxing Body Protectors - Wesing Martial Arts Chest Protector MMA short

Wesing boxing body armor is premium Oxford leather that is sewn to perfection. It also contains a bamboo chip as well as XPE foam that helps to absorb shocks and impact much more and make every training session comfortable and painless. It even has an adjustable back strap for easy wearing and chest protection which fits the curves of your body and doesn’t slip. Wesing also comes in a range of three colors to match your gear.

  • Constructed from thick, durable, and resilient Oxford leather
  • Keeps your mid to lower torso completely safe
  • Comes in a range of stunning colors
  • Durable straps for easy wearing
  • Heavy padding for shock and impact absorption for comfort
  • Little upper body protection as it leaves your shoulders exposed.

5. RDX TKD Chest Guard Body Protector

The RDX body protector is the best sparring body protector and is manufactured with a large foam inside to hold and shock and impact. Its ergonomic design and features merge hook and loop design to guarantee a properly tailored fit for your body.

It allows the user to move quickly, flexibly and has a reversible red and blue design that you can practice with. RDX is ideal if you are on a fixed budget and require something that is of good quality to protect you while you spar or punch.

It has a very high brand value in the market and its material is sturdy, resilient, and superior to most other brands. This brand also puts a lot of care into its functionality, design, practicality and is constructed from strong hide leather with triple stitching for strength. It also has shock-absorbent padding which can be fastened easily for a more secure fit.

  • Constructed from patented Maya Hide leather for durability
  • Eva-Lution foam padding which offers high shock absorption
  • Triple nylon stitching and PU piping to last longer
  • Superior chest guard straps with a hook and loop to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Has body targets for accuracy training
  • Only available in one color and design
  • Sizing can be a bit tighter than normal

Things You Should Consider When Purchasing the Best Boxing Body Protectors

Now that we have covered the top 5 body protectors currently available on the market, you need to understand how to pick the right one for yourself. Keep in mind that body protectors need to be extra padded, durable, and tough to absorb shocks and impacts especially if you’re a beginner.

Since no two people are the same you need to find a body protector that is tailored to the curves of your body and has the ideal fit so that it doesn’t slip or come down while training. While there are many features to look out for here are some important factors that you need to keep in mind to find the right body protector for training.


Padding is the most important feature of your Muay Thai chest protector and you need to pay a lot of attention to this feature before investing in one. Your padding needs to be soft and thick as well as strong enough to take the toughest of punches and kicks without injuring your internal organs. You can find body protectors made from layers of high-density form which are shock and impact absorbent as well as matches your training requirements.


Boxing is a contact sport that requires flexible, quick, and agile movements and you can’t let anything slow your down. That is why your protective gear needs to provide adequate protection without being too heavy or bulky, this will allow you to find the right balance between your padding, shield and help you strike or block an attack. Go in for protective gear that is the right fit, has adjustable straps, and is customized to fit your body.


Durability is one of the main aspects of your body protector as it needs to absorb the punches from the heaviest of hits and kicks and if your vest is flimsy and frail it will not only wear away quickly but will also end up injuring you even more.

Look for vests that have reinforced stitching, and crafted from touch leather or synthetic leather along with your shoulder and back straps to ensure that it doesn’t break down in the middle of a workout. Synthetic leather is also a great alternative for durability, resilience, and protection.


Another important essential that you need to remember while picking a body protector is the level of adjustability, especially if you tend to gain, lose weight, or are sharing it with other trainers. Check the size, adjustability of the back and shoulder straps as well as the overall fit of the vest as this can allow you to be comfortable while training for extended periods.

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An ill-fitting vest will not only slip and slide around but won’t give you proper protection and you’ll be more concentrated on adjusting it rather than training.

In Conclusion

When it comes to finding the best boxing body protectors, you need to keep in mind that an essential part of looking for the ideal one is to keep the above points in mind and look for padding, durability, longevity, and comfort – all this can hugely impact the protection it offers.

Also keep in mind that while some vests can be expensive, never compromise on quality by going in for a cheaper alternative that doesn’t protect you. We hope the above tips help you in selecting the right body protector for yourself. 

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