Boxing gloves; they’ve been around for the past two centuries, they’re as iconic as football helmets and baseball bats, and, thanks to the widespread popularity of boxing and MMA, they’ve just kept getting better. They’re an important piece of gear that’s necessary for any martial artist. Exactly why depends on the kind of gloves you’re getting, but they all boil down to smarter training, better protection, and, in the case of officially sanctioned bouts, strict necessity. Check out our 5 best boxing gloves bellow:

#1 Editor's Choice/Best Overall
Runner-Up, Best for Sparring
Runner-Up, Best for Pad/Bag Work
Best for the Price
Best for Muay Thai
Best Boxing Gloves Reviewed

Winning Boxing Gloves

Best Boxing Gloves Reviewed

Triumph United Death Adder

Best Boxing Gloves Reviewed

Title Gel World V2T Bag Gloves

Best Boxing Gloves Reviewed

Ring to Cage C-17 Japanese Style Gloves

Best Boxing Gloves Reviewed

Top King Super Star AIR Gloves

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Bottom Line
Winning found a way to design and create the most perfect glove. From the beautiful look to the incredible performance these gloves really are just perfection. There is no glove that will protect your hand better than a Winning and there is also no glove that will give you this much comfort. From the beginning the Triumph United Death Adders caught my eye due to their absolutely beautiful design. Once I actually tried them though the performance and padding made me love them even more. The Death Adders have become one of my favorite gloves and gloves that I highly recommend for anyone to try out. In short conclusion my favorite pair of bag gloves thus far is definitely the Title Gel V2T. They offer the best amount of comfort and protection from intense and long periods. And in my opinion offer the best bang for your buck for any glove that is currently on the market. The overall performance and design truly do rival Winning all in all for half the price. You can't go wrong with getting a pair for yourself. Obviously if you can afford Winning then get yourself the best but if you're more on a budget or if you want to test to see if Winning is your style then get the C17s. Due to the padding, these would be great for those practicing Muay Thai or western boxing alike. Buyers with previous hand issues should also check these out or anyone in general who wants a glove that will set them apart from the crowd while giving them the performance to match.
  • Hand compartment is snug
  • The velcro version's velco is very small and just out place
  • Expensive
  • Smaller Hand Compartment
  • Stiff out the Box
  • Palm Side Padding
  • No Palm Vent Holes
  • More expensive than most gloves
  • Non multi-purpose
  • No ventilation
  • Wide/flat design
  • Dull leather
  • Minimal QC issues
  • No vent holes
  • Rough outer and inner tag
  • Some shock in wrist
  • Velcro wrist support could be longer for more wrist protection
  • Mesh palm could scratch training partner during clinching
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