Rival Boxing Custom RFX Pro Fight Gloves Overview

Rival Boxing Custom RFX Pro Fight Gloves Overview

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Description and Review

Rival Boxing Custom RFX glove is a traditional “Mexican style” glove with the ever-popular quilted horsehair padding. A great fit, with a “broken-in” feel, this is definitely considered a punchers glove. We have also taken the liberty of laminating the leather to offer that much more protection for your hands and to give the glove the strength and stability required for 12 rounds. These gloves have been widely used in world championship fights and have been endorsed by some of boxing’s best. We are more than confident that you will love the custom fit, the protection and most importantly the transmission of power that this glove can create. Also, as a point of information for you, our gloves are approved by both the WBC and the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The glove is also approved by New York, California, Ohio, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Colorado and more.

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