Best Everlast MMA Gloves Review

Everlast is owned by the Frasers Group, which was previously known as Sports Direct International. This is a British retail group established in 1982 by Mike Ashley, and is the UK’s largest sports-goods retailer. Everlast boxing equipment is made in a factory in Missouri, while other products are manufactured by US licensees outside the US. Everlast has a warranty for 120 days from date of purchase for defects in materials. 

Best Everlast MMA Gloves Review – Grappling, Heavy Bag, and Kickboxing Gloves

In this article, we will be reviewing the best MMA Everlast Gloves. Everlast is an American brand of sports equipment which focuses on several types of gear. These range from boxing and mixed martial arts gloves, to physical fitness gloves. You’ll find that many of their products can serve multiple purposes.

Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves Review

Everlast MMA Gloves
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For anyone who is looking to get into the MMA field, or for those who are already experienced and want to expand their MMA gear, these Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves are a great buy. Anyone who has tried these out can agree on a couple things: the wrist/ finger support is excellent, they are lightweight, and they are very comfortable to wear during workouts.

These are also a great alternative for anyone who does not like wearing boxing gloves. Long workouts become more and more difficult when using boxing gloves because of their weight (yes, those ounces do take their toll on  you after a while).

These Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves provide a perfect substitution. If you’re going to be training by hitting light bags, mitts, etc., I would definitely recommend giving these a shot. For heavy bags, it is a better idea to go with more padded gloves such as boxing gloves.

Some people do complain about these grappling gloves being uncomfortable, but I would have to say these people probably haven’t used MMA gloves in the past. You do have to break them in as you would anything else, and once you get over this hump, these MMA gloves will start to form to your hand so that when you make a fist, you don’t feel the glove pulling back against you. At the same time, you need your hands to get used to wearing this kind of gear.

Anyone who has tried Everlast products can agree, their durability is amazing. Even after months of use you really don’t start to see any wear and tear if you take care of them. Overall, throughout our Everlast MMA Grappling Gloves review we were impressed and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to add some fresh new grappling gear to their collection.

Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Gloves

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Most of the time you don’t see quality boxing gloves for this low of a price. These Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Gloves are perfect for anyone in the boxing sphere. From the padding around the fingers to the wrist supports, Everlast did a great job creating these gloves to fit a broad audience’s needs.

One notable feature we focused on during this MMA Heavy Bag Gloves review is the open thumb. The open thumb allows you to make a more compact fist, giving you more punching power and a better grip. As everyone who has trained in boxing before knows, hitting heavy bags and do a number to your hands and your wrist after a while.

The wrist straps allow you to adjust the gloves to fit very tightly, and this combined with the padding allows you to hit heavy bags over and over with minimal stress transferred to your hands/wrists. These gloves are also very easy to take off which is great for anyone taking a boxing class or training at home. You can get the gloves on and off quickly, allowing you to rest and get a water break, check your phone, or anything else.

The last thing I wanted to touch on here was the price. Aside from being overall great boxing gloves for anyone, these Everlast Heavy Bag Gloves are affordable and offer great performance at their price. If you’ve shopped around for boxing gloves before, you’ll notice most MMA heavy bag gloves can be quite expensive. While it’s not a top of the line model a lot of people are just looking for something that will get the job done, and I believe that’s what you’re getting with these Everlast MMA Heavy Bag gloves.

Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves

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These Everlast MMA Kickboxing Gloves are the perfect multi-functional fighting sport and fitness training gloves. They can be used for a variety of purposes. The breathable design gives your hands plenty of air so you won’t be very sweaty when you take them off like most gloves, and like all Everlast products, the wrist support is great. I’ve also found that Everlast products do a great job forming to the user’s hands. After only a couple of uses you’ll notice the gloves will bend much easier as you curl your hands into a fist, and once you get used to them, they truly are very comfortable, superior training gloves.

While these are branded as kick boxing gloves, you can also use these for grappling. Most of the time it becomes difficult to get a good grip on your opponent when training as you get sweaty and fatigued. These gloves help you get a better grip and because of their light weight, breathable design, you do not feel them on your hands as much as you would other gloves.

As mentioned above for the Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves, I would recommend more heavy duty gloves for heavy bags as you do not want to over stress your knuckles and your wrist by using light weight gloves. However, for lighter bags, our Everlast MMA Kickboxing glove review finds that these will definitely serve their purpose and offer support and functionality. I see these as a great product for both men and women, for any level of training. 

Best Everlast MMA Gloves FAQ

In this section, we like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from users about Everlast MMA gloves.

What are the best Everlast MMA Gloves?

Some of the best MMA Gloves come from the most notable brands in the space. These are the RDX F12 MMA Gloves, the Sanabul Battle Forged MMA Gloves, the Venum Undisputed Gloves, Sanabul Essential MMA Gloves, and of course the Everlast Pro Style  MMA Grappling Gloves. You really can’t go wrong with any of these. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference and what you are looking for in training gloves. As is the case with most things, it’s important to test out each brand until you find one that you look best.

Are Everlast MMA gloves good?

Everlast MMA gloves definitely have maintained a great reputation in the MMA community over the years. They have offered quality products at low prices, with warranty and exchange services. Their gloves offer breathable designs with great wrist supports, which are really important during training so you do not injure your hands. At the same time, they have enough padding so that hitting bags for long periods of time does not over stress your hands.

Are Everlast MMA gloves good for punching bags?

This is one of the most common we get asked here. While Everlast MMA Gloves are good for punching light weight bags, there are heavier gloves, such as the Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Gloves, which are more suited for punching heavy bags. Again, this just comes down to what your training consists of and what you are looking for in training gloves.

What kind of Everlast gloves do UFC fighters wear?

Professional fighters wear 4 ounce gloves, while amateurs may wear slightly heavier 6 ounce gloves for increased protection. In both cases, the gloves leave the fingers available for grappling which allows for better clinch fighting and submissions/ submission defense. This means that during trainers UFC fighters use gloves similar to the Everlast Pro Style Grappling Gloves. 

Best Everlast MMA Gloves Review
Best Everlast MMA Gloves Review
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