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When you are training for MMA, undoubtedly sparring allows you to simulate a real fight. But, there are so many other ways to train. Of course, a punching bag helps to build endurance and power, the best focus mitts are designed to naturally get your precision and rhythm right.

Focus mitts are underrated but they are versatile, portable, and affordable. You can use them effectively to build your defensive as well as punching skills. They teach you to anticipate your opponent’s punches and take countermeasures. If you are keen to improve your accuracy, footwork, and timing, you should invest in the best focus mitts for mixed martial arts training.

Best for Heavy-Duty Training and Workouts
Best Focus Mitts - 81gdXYcDm7L. AC SL1500
High-density foam for shock absorption
Lightweight and durable
Designed to improve accuracy and precision
Best Overall
RDX Boxing Pads Focus Mitts - best focus mitts
Dense padding for optimal protection
Made from genuine leather
Wrist strap for comfortable fit and grip
Great Return on Investment
RDX MMA Fighting Gloves - best mma gloves
Made from genuine leather
Handcrafted for superior construction
Curved for an ergonomic fit

Editor’s Pick and Things to Consider When Buying the Best MMA Focus Mitts

These focus mitts are padded and your instructor, coach, or training partner wears them on their hands. This enables you to use different combinations and strike and focus pads. In doing so, you also hone your technique of avoiding strikes from your opponent and practice slipping. The mitts help master strikes and rhythm and avoid counter strikes.

top 5 foucs mitts - mma gear addict

When I choose focus mitts, I keep a few things in mind. I always check the padding as it should not only absorb strikes but also last long. The mitts should be made from high-quality material. I favor genuine leather as it is durable and tough; I am not a big fan of vinyl focus mitts even though they are cheaper than leather mitts – they tend to break down quicker. When buying focus mitts, I pay attention to the stitching. If stitching is not durable and good, the mitts will come apart within no time.

Top 5 Best Focus Mitts for MMA

1. RDX Boxing Pads Focus Mitts

If you are looking for focus mitts with superior padding, this one by RDX will not disappoint. The heavy-duty mitts have a lot of padding, nearly 2 inches, and you will find that the padding is quite dense. This enables them to absorb shock quite well. These focus mitts do have air pockets over the palm and this helps to absorb the shock of punching and kicking. You will also find that there is adequate padding on the wrist to offer optimal protection to the wearer.

The mitts are made from leather and are well constructed. The stitching is great and there is no risk of it coming apart. The slightly curved design of the mitts ensures that they fit over the palms comfortably. Even the back of the hand has light cushioning and that allows the hands to absorb shocks of hard and heavy punches and kicks without experiencing pain. There is even a wrist strap to hold the mitts in place for some heavy training and workout.

  • Made from leather
  • Well-constructed and durable stitching
  • Heavy-duty mitts with exceptional padding
  • Wrist strap
  • Ergonomic design for the palms for superior grip
  • Comfortable to wear during training sessions
  • Absorbs shocks and offers a pain-free experience
  • Prevents the wrists from getting injured
  • Bulky focus mitts and that makes it difficult to utilize their potential for quick mitt work

2. Venum Cellular 2.0 Punch Mitts

Best for Heavy-Duty Training and Workouts
Best Focus Mitts - 81gdXYcDm7L. AC SL1500

These MMA focus mitts are well constructed and come with superior stitching and seams. There is no risk of the seams falling apart with use. It is well-padded with high-density foam and provides excellent protection and comfort to the trainer and the fighter. The padding absorbs shocks without a problem and can be used with ease for heavy-duty workouts. The mitts are lightweight and durable, ensuring you get the most out of them. The cellular fabric has air pockets that make a satisfying popping sound when punched.

The curved design of the mitts ensures that they fit well over the palms. The ergonomic fit along with the non-slip design keeps the mitts in place during training sessions. While these mitts are bulkier and heavier than most other focus mitts, they are extremely useful to improve accuracy and agility. That is the reason many MMA fighters love them. These mitts tend to break over time and get more comfortable.

  • Made from cellular fabric
  • Curved to ergonomically fit the palms
  • Cellular fabric construct ensures optimal comfort and also prevents slippage
  • Heavily padded for superior shock absorption
  • Ideal for focus training and precision
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • The bulkiness and extra thick padding may put off some people

3. Cleto Reyes Regular Curved Punch Mitts

These focus mitts are handcrafted from genuine leather. The finger covers come with air holes that allow you to keep your fingers cool and dry during a workout. You will find that these mitts are comfortable to wear. The foam padding on the palms absorbs shock, making the hands safe and secure.

The punch mitts by Cleto Reyes are designed to help improve speed and coordination. They are lightweight and help your fighter improve all the skills that are necessary to become a skilled MMA fighter. The mitts are durable and offer an excellent return on investment. The natural curved shape of the mitts makes it easy for the mitts to fit the palms.

  • Made from leather
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Lightweight
  • Foam padding
  • Compartment for each finger
  • Durable and well-stitched
  • Air holes in the finger covers
  • Could be expensive for some

4. Ring to Cage Deluxe Punching Mitts

Unlike so many other punching mitts, this one by Ring to Cage uses dense core as padding. As a result, the wearer does not feel the punches. It offers optimal protection to the hands and also provides support to the wrist, thanks to the cushioning directly under the palms. While these mitts are wide, they are built for ambidextrous use. Hence, you may find that they are not the most comfortable mitts in town.

These punching mitts are made from leather and are well-constructed. They are of high quality and the dense core padding is designed to last long. You will be impressed with their durability, even where the mesh is located. Overall, the mitts are well-designed and the fact that they conform to the shape of the hands makes them a winner.

  • Made from leather
  • Wide and curved to fit the hands well
  • Superior construction and stitching
  • Great for punching, kicks, knees, and elbows
  • Cushioning for the wrist
  • Dense core padding for the palms
  • Designed for ambidextrous use
  • Does not have a wrist strap to hold the mitts in place

5. Ringside Panther Boxing MMA Punch Mitts

These focus mitts by Ringside are designed to comfortably fit the hands of the trainer. They are made from leather and have air holes at the back to keep the hands dry and cool during strenuous and rigorous training. The padding ensures that the shock gets absorbed and this does not adversely affect the wrist and elbows. The mitts are designed to perfectly align the wrists, arms, and shoulders and this minimizes the impact of the punches and protects the joints.

These focus mitts come with strap anchors for the wrist and they are well-padded to ensure comfort and security. You do not have to worry about struggling with hook-and-loop straps, which can be tedious to secure. The mitts have a cushioned ball inside for optimal grip and safety. These Ringside focus mitts can be used for amateur or professional training to improve footwork, accuracy, and power.

  • Made from leather
  • Contoured to offer a comfortable and snug fit
  • Wrist anchors to secure the mitts
  • Prevents the chances of injuring knuckles and wrists
  • Extra thick padding for optimal shock absorption
  • Ball shape in the interior of the mitts offers better leverage and control
  • Some users complained about air bubbles on the mitts

Things You Should Consider When Purchasing the Best Focus Mitts

Best Focus Mitts

The best focus mitts can significantly improve your training and make your punches and footwork more accurate and agile. With so many different focus mitts on the market, it can be tough to make a choice. That is why here are a few things that you should concentrate on when you are looking to purchase MMA focus mitts.


It goes without saying that MMA focus mitts without padding are useless. Hence, look for mitts that have great padding so that they can absorb the punches. Padding should be thick and function as shock absorbers so that the fighter and trainer’s hands are protected from sustaining injuries.

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The material used to make the focus mitts is important as it will determine how well the mitts wear and whether they will last a long time. While you can get mitts made from synthetic leather, remember that these mitts will not last long. So, rather than saving you money, you will end up spending more in the long term. Instead, look for focus mitts made from leather. These will not only last long but will offer you value for money.

In case you cannot afford genuine leather focus mitts, you can go for synthetic leather or vinyl. Just make sure that you read customer reviews to find out what other users are saying. If the reviews are positive, you can buy the mitts.

Stitching and Construction:

Most good-quality focus mitts come with reinforced stitching. This prevents the seams from coming apart. The last thing you need is the seams falling apart, exposing your hands to injuries. If the manufacturer does not mention the kind of stitching that is used to make the mitts, it is best to request this information. Alternatively, you can read reviews of the other customers to find out whether the stitching is durable and long-lasting.

Support for the Hand and Wrist:

When the fighter is constantly punching and kicking on the trainer’s hands, it puts a lot of strain not just on the hands but also on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Hence, you should ensure that when you are looking for focus mitts, the mitts should have a curved shape, closure system for the wrists, adequate padding, and cushion ball. These features will protect your hands and wrists while you are training your fighter and prevent injuries. Also, they will improve stability during training sessions.


Undoubtedly, price is an important factor. The best focus mitts can be a little expensive but you will enjoy a great return on investment as these mitts will be long-lasting, durable, and help train the fighter for fitness or competitions. This said it is not necessary that all good quality mitts have to be exorbitantly priced. You can look for cheaper mitts but do not sacrifice features and safety.

In Conclusion

The best focus mitts help you improve your offense and defense, and also teach you to anticipate your opponent’s punches. These mitts can do wonders for your footwork as well. So, if you are into MMA, you cannot ignore focus mitts. Now that you know the top 5 focus mitts on the market, you can make an informed buying decision.

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