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Protect your hands with the best hand wraps for boxing and martial arts.

Striking against an opponent inevitably features you hitting him with your hands at some point. As your primary weapon and main defense, your hands are vital to fighting or training in martial arts. That is why you need to protect them from unwanted injuries and bruises.

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revgear - best hand wraps for boxing
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You will do this by wrapping boxing hand wraps under your gloves. Don’t let the name fool you, they are not just for boxing, any style that includes hand strikes like Muay Thai, kickboxing, or MMA also needs hand wraps. Your hands feature a lot of small bones and thanks to them, you are capable of some of the most precise and delicate things a human can do- write, paint, sew or sculpt.

And you are throwing these intricate instruments at high velocity at some of the hardest bones in the body-the forehead and jaw bone. That is why you need them protected as best as possible. Sure, the boxing, Muay Thai, and even the MMA glove have a padding of its own and are strapped tight to the wrist. This brings stability, but it’s not enough. The hand wrap is the first line of defense for your “money makers”.

Here are our other 3 top choices for the best hand wraps

They are sure to deliver exceptional protection, comfort, and durability. After that, we will give you a more detailed guide on how to choose hand wraps and some more options to choose from.

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sanabul elastik best hand wraps
180” length
Many color choices
Tested by pros
Runner up
Best Hand Wraps Reviewed - Venum Boxing hand warps
Good Velcro fastener
Improved protection
Best inner glove
Best Hand Wraps Reviewed - RDX Boxing Hand Wraps Inner Gloves Best inner glove
Inner glove
Easy to put
Good padding on knuckles

Boxing hand wraps buyer’s guide

Best Hand Wraps for Boxing and Muay Thai | MMA Gear Addict

We established that you need hand wraps. But you probably knew that already. What you may not know is that not all wraps are made equal. As with any type of gear, there are a lot of factors to consider and personal taste is a major one. 

Essentially boxing hand wraps are a long piece of cloth that you wrap around your first and wrists for added stability and protection from bruises. They also help soak the inevitable bucket of sweat that your hands will otherwise release directly on your expensive boxing gloves

If you are not convinced here are a few more reasons why should wear boxing wraps:

  • Wrist stability when throwing hooks, straights, and body shots
  • Knuckle protection to prevent abrasions and damage to the skin
  • Protection of the small bones and tendons by grouping them together

What to consider when looking for the best hand wraps for boxing (or any other martial arts)


There are two main types of wraps. The first and much more popular is the standard long fabric piece and the other is glove wraps. They are essentially an inner fingerless glove that is directly put on the hand under the standard boxing glove. Inner gloves are much harder to use with MMA gloves because they have much less space inside in comparison with a boxing glove.

Regular wraps are definitely better and provide superior stability, but take much longer to put and also require a technique to put correctly that can only come with practice. Or you must ask your coach to wrap your hands every session, but if you are not a pro there is a very slim chance for this to happen. 


There are many ways to wrap your hands. Probably every trainer can show you some different variant, so there is no one correct way to do it. The important part is that your hands are tightly wrapped and secured. 

The most popular length for a boxing wrap is 180 inches. Most professionals and trainers use this length because it provides enough cloth to pad the knuckles sufficiently, while also brace the wrist tightly to minimize the chance of injury. 

There are shorter wraps around 120 inches, which also should bring ample protection on the knuckles, but if you are used to a tight wrap, this may come a bit short. A lot of beginners prefer shorter lengths because it’s easier to put them.


It’s good for a hand warp to have some stretchiness to it. It makes it easier to put on tightly and helps with stability. If the wrap does not stretch at all you will find it very difficult to put it in a way that will endure the entire practice without getting loose at some spots. 

Usually, hand wraps are made with a combination of cotton for softness and comfort and some kind of polyester, elastane, or something else that adds elasticity.

Let’s take a closer look at the best hand wraps you can buy today, chose by MMA Gear Addicts:

1. Sanabul Elastic Professional 180-inch hand wraps

The Sanabuls come in the standard length of 180 inches that can give you a few extra loops on the wrist or extra padding on the knuckles. They are made from a very good polyester material that stretches and allows a very good fit. On top of that this material is breathable and fast-drying, which means your hand wraps will endure much longer, before being inevitably destroyed by the moisture.

Sanabul markets these wraps to be tested by high-level professionals like Michael Bisping which also brings a level of trust in their quality. The choice from 8 distinct colors is also a very nice addition.


  • Full length of 180 inches
  • Material is semi elastic and highly durable
  • Fast drying
  • Thumb loop and Velcro closure
  • Many colors to choose from


  • Color dye can bleed and stain you other clothes in the washer

2. Venum Boxing hand wraps

Venum is easily the most recognizable name in the combat sports gear segment, so it’s no surprise that their hand wraps are in the top 3 of our list. They make quality gear and their boxing wraps are no exception.

As essential boxing and Muay Thai accessory the Venum Kontact Handrawps do their job as well as any. You get elastic cotton ensuring a good fit, thumb straps, and solid Velcro. Venum also offers the option to choose from 180 and 120 inches on this model.

There is an excellent variety of colors, so be sure that you will find one that suits your tastes.


  • Good elasticity for the best fit
  • High quality Velcro
  • You can choose from two sizes
  • 8 colors
  • Soft cotton


  • Not very breathable

3. RDX Inner Glove hand wraps

The RDX is our top choice for an inner glove. RDX has come a long way and is an established top brand in combat sports gear. They also have a few notable names on the roster like Tony Ferguson and Michael Chandler, which is definitely a good advertisement.

The RDX inner glove combines the pros of standard wraps and inner gloves. They are made from Polyester Elasticated fabric that provides a good fit and very serious durability. Add to this the half-finger design that is double stitched.

Your knuckles will be very well protected by a gel slab that distributes the force from the punches. Unlike some other inner gloves, the RDX also comes with a 75 cm. long strap that secures the wrist. This solves one of the main gripes people have with inner gloves- the lack of sufficient joint support.


  • Polyester elastic fabric
  • Half finger design
  • Shell shock gel padding
  • Wrap around design
  • Thermal regulation technology


  • You will have a hard time using these with MMA gloves

4. Hayabusa Boxing Hand Wraps

Hayabusa offers premium products and their and wraps have a few distinct advantages over the competition. They come at a bit of a higher price than the other standard wraps but are still very affordable.

These wraps are made from a latex-free cotton nylon elastic blend that is very breathable. It also wraps the hand very tight, without restricting blood flow. The extra-wide hook and loop closure system ensures the wraps will stay where they are supposed to.

The stitching is also high quality, so if you pay a few more dollars for Hayabusa you can expect they will last longer. Color choice is very rich with a few distinct patterns that look so good they may make you wear these not only under boxing gloves, but also when shadowboxing.

The Mexican style of wraps means they are partly elastic, unlike 100% cotton wraps which come loose much easier. Another characteristic of Mexican wraps is that they are always 180 inches long.


  • Perfect blend of cotton and elastane
  • 2 inches’ wide
  • Breathable
  • Mexican style
  • Perfect stretch


  • Color bleeds badly

5. Pro Impact Mexican style hand wraps

Another Mexican style of hand wraps is very well-reviewed in Amazon Pro Impact. The name implies that you will be confident in your hand’s safety when hitting the heavy bag, pads, or your opponent.

These wraps tick all the right boxes. They are very durable, slightly stretchable for a perfect fit, and designed to provide maximum tendon and wrist support as well as ample knuckle protection. They even have a “this side down” marker on the thumb loop which is not a big deal, but’s it’s a nice touch.

The con we listed is the only thing we could think of. If you want more famous brand wraps that match your other gear, Pro Impact is not it.


  • 180 inches of elastic support
  • Secure fit by hook and loop
  • 13 vibrant colors
  • Quality construction


  • Not a name brand

6. Hawk padded inner gloves

Another option for an inner glove is the Hawk padded inner glove. These are the budget option for this type of glove and are well suited for beginners both price-wise and for ease of use. Usually, inner gloves cost more for the simple reason they have more material on them, but Hawk manages a price cheaper than some of the regular wraps on the list.

This does not mean they lack in quality though.

The Hawk is very easy to slip on, so you will waste no time. The wrist strap is long enough for a secure fit. The fingers are well stitched and have a strong Velcro. They are produced from 100% cotton and the size allows for a fit inside an MMA glove.

Handwraps are essential to your training be it boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, or even if you punch a heavy bag for cardio. There are many choices on the market and the price of a pair is very affordable even for the premium brands.

You also feel and look like a pro when you have wraps on.

I don’t think you need more reasons, so do yourself a favor and buy a few brands and types from our list to find the one that best suits you.


  • 100% cotton
  • Breathable and fast drying
  • Padding on the knuckles
  • Suitable for mma gloves


  • You can’t adjust the tightness of the fit

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