Muay Thai Pads, or more commonly known as “Thai Pads”, or “Kick Pads”, might be the single most important piece of equipment in the striking development of a fighter. These are the primary pads used in Muay Thai training and other striking skill sets that involve kicks and knees. At most western gyms, like those in the US and the UK, the striking sessions are class based and commonly require members to hold Muay Thai Pads for each other. Although gyms typically don’t expect their patrons to bring their own Kick Pads, you may develop a preference for your own gear once things get doused in stranger’s sweat.

I’ve always been very particular about the Thai Pads that I use. I was the head coach of a fight team for over 5 years in Florida where I regularly held pads for numerous amateur and professional fighters of varying styles and sizes. I always preferred a pair of Thai Pads that were light in weight so I could move them quickly but fairly heavy in padding for harder kickers and larger fighters. Some of the things you should consider as you read this guide should be; how comfortable the straps are on your arms, how heavy the individual pad is, and what you specifically prefer when you’re holding them for other people.

Best Thai Pads 2020

Updated: July 01, 2021
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Fairtex KPLC2 Curved Thai Pads

Best Thai Pads Reviewed

Combat Sports Muay Thai Pads

Best Thai Pads Reviewed

Ring to Cage GelTech Deluxe Thai Pads

Best Thai Pads Reviewed

Twins Special Muay Thai Pad with Velcro

Best Thai Pads Reviewed

RDX Orbit Thai Pads

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