Whether you’re new to wrestling or already an experienced wrestler you might be looking to change or upgrade your worn-out footwear. Regardless of your skill and level of training, every sport requires the right gear and attire for optimal performance, strength, and confidence.

Contact sports like wrestling and mixed martial arts require you to be on your feet all day long. That is why investing in the best wrestling shoes is such a huge priority. However, with so many choices on the market and new technologies, finding the right pair of shoes can be challenging. 

The shoes you choose in wrestling will not only play a major role in your career but will enable you to be comfortable, stay light on your feet and easily move around in the ring. Going in for the wrong pair of shoes can seriously damage your feet, muscles, and movement which is why to make things easier for those in search of new wrestling shoes, we’ve put together some of the top choices after research that can help give you an edge over your competition.

Our work does not just end here, we’ve even put together some tips and advice on the best footwear which is compatible for wrestlers and other athletes in contact sports so that you always choose the best footwear to wear in your fights. Now that you’re familiar with the importance of wrestling shoes, here are some tip picks which are researched and reviewed for you.

Here are some of the COOL, top-quality and best picks for the Best Wrestling Shoes

Best Overall
The upper made from suede allows unhindered movements
Quick action and great flexibility
Premium support and durability
EVA midsole for added cushioning
Rubber outsole ensures optimal traction
Comfortable and lightweight
Best for Heavy-Duty Training and Workouts
BEST WRESTLING SHOES REVIEWED - Adidas Mens HVC Wrestling Shoes MMA short
Outstanding traction without sliding or slipping
Handmade with synthetic leather and suede for added breathability
Available in multiple colors to suit your style
Added support for unrestricted mobility
Super easy to grip, lightweight and comfortable
Great Return on Investment
BEST WRESTLING SHOES REVIEWED - Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes MMA short
Flexible rubber soles for a stable grip
Ergonomic midsole for added cushioning and comfort
Mesh panels for ventilation and added airflow
Lightweight and flexible
Form-fit for better control during training

Editor’s Pick and Things to Consider When Buying the Best Wrestling Shoes


It’s time to be honest, when people think about wrestling and mixed martial arts, they only think of things like boxing gloves, attire, and more, not really the shoe aspect of it. Wrestling shoes are very important and provide you with a tactical advantage during training and in the ring.

In short, you can say that they are the most important piece of gear a wrestler can own. Wrestling shoes that you pick need to be able to support your ankles, be lightweight, comfortable, and provide a good grip as well as stability.

This helps to provide your feet with traction so that they don’t slip when tackling your opponent. Some wrestling shoes are constructed with higher support than the others and this is to prevent your ankles from jerking, spraining, or even rolling.

Your wrestling shoes need to provide you with stability from all directions and work against the mat for added traction. Look for styles, types, and materials that are comfortable for you to wear as well as provide you with increased performance and raise your potential.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert you need to understand what to look for in your shoes, when to change your shoes, and update to new ones. You can’t go in bling when looking to purchase wrestling shoes and for this reason, we have picked the best wrestling shoes on the market which are tested, have a host of good reviews and high-value sources for you to pick from. Here are some of the best wrestling shoe selections our editors have picked.

Top 5 Cool & Best Wrestling Shoes for MMA

1. Nike Speedsweep VII

These Nike wrestling shoes are specially crafted for pro and intermediate wrestlers and are specially designed to promote speed, performance, and tackle advanced training maneuvers better than before. These shoes come in a lovely shade of black and provide you with a great grip and traction on the mat and in the ring.

You can wear these shoes for a variety of training programs and its structured fit will provide you with adequate ankle support suing grappling, shooting, and fighting practice. They are lightweight, comfortable, and make your feet feel secure which can make a huge difference during training and combat.

Nike is a well-known and trusted brand and offers only the best quality materials, fit and support to help push your performance to the maximum as well as keep you cool, fresh, sweat-free, and comfortable during long hours of training.

  • Handcrafted with a suede sole for great traction
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Provide you with a supportive fit
  • Tough and durable against any impact
  • Exceptionally breathable material and durable design
  • Has a no-slip grip
  • Great for long-term use
  • The sizing runs a tad on the smaller side
  • Comes in only one color

2. Hayabusa Pro Wrestling Shoes

The Hayabusa Pro Boxing shoes are specially crafted to allow wrestlers to move around more freely without restraint. These shoes are built for pro wrestlers and provide them with greater agility and superior performance through training as well as in the ring. They are manufactured with a synthetic sole for grip, traction, and flexibility as well as a high-quality upper mesh that is built to last. In addition to this, they also have a solid midsole for balance, comfort, and a good grip that supports your ankles during a fight as well as boosts your confidence and speed.

Hayabusa shoes are not as cushioned as other options but they are made with special contact points that give you added power and agility as well as allows you to improve your footwork and performance, especially if you have flat arches or feet problems.

  • Comes in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Ideal for professional wrestlers
  • Enhance rubber grip for better traction
  • Synthetic soles for pivoting and performance
  • Lightweight, durable and comfortable
  • Adjustable leather upper for ankle support during training
  • Affordable price for the features it provides
  • These shoes need a bit of time to break in and can be a bit snug at first

3. Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoes

The Adidas brand has long been connected to sports and athletes and these Adidas HVC men’s wrestling shoes are no different. Not only do they come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes, but they also provide you with great traction in the boxing ring. The soles of these shoes are made with gum rubber to provide you with stability, control, and anti-slip when you need to immediately change your footing, tackle, or grapple your opponent. The upper portion of the shoe is specially constructed with suede and leather for lightweight, comfortable, and added durability.

It also has a single-layer mesh for breathability and a lacing space built for a tailored fit and added speed. Adidas shoes come in a wide range of fits so that you can find one that provides you with optimal performance while remaining within your budget.

  • Lightweight, durable, and comfortable to use
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • High tops for heavy-duty ankle support
  • Elastic lacing system for a tailored fit
  • Versatile and flexible usage for wrestlers with wide feet
  • Comes in a range of stylish colors, designs, and sizes
  • No-slip grip for added traction
  • Has a thinner outsole than most shoes
  • You need to stretch out the shoes and break them in before training

4. Adidas Mat Hog 2.0 Wrestling Shoes

The Mat Hog 2.0 is one of the newest wrestling shoes from Adidas which has an impressive range of designs, colors and comes in almost every size you can think of. This wrestling shoe is low-ankle which makes it more flexible for combat sports like MMA. It has a lacing garage and adequate ankle support to provide you with high performance during training and combat. This shoe also has mesh around the toe and ankle area for superior breathability and comfort which allows the air to circulate so that you can keep cool and fresh during the most hectic workout sessions.

Adidas Mat Hog also provides you with a firm grip, traction, and pivots on the wrestling mat and in the ring with your opponent.

  • Synthetic mesh for added breathability
  • Rubber sole for durability, traction, and support
  • Comes in a range of stunning designs, colors, and sizes
  • Adjustable lace-up to provide extra support and comfort
  • A mesh design to keep your feet cool and sweat-free
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Durable and long-lasting

5. ASICS Matflex Wrestling Shoes

The Matflex from Asics is built to provide you with confidence on the mat and is a must-have shoe for all wrestling and MMA professionals. These shoes have a rubberized sole, lace garage, and a full gum rubber outsole that is lightweight and durable. These shoes are equipped with a California lasting for superior strength and a mesh insole for breathability and comfort. This allows you to keep sweat and dampness at bay and be cool and comfortable all through your training session. Matflex also features an EVA sock liner for unparalleled support, traction, and stability.

Asics shoes are manufactured with comfort and performance in mind and these Matflex shoes provide you with good ankle support, added traction, and keeps your feet dry so that you don’t need to worry about slipping on the mar.

  • Constructed from tough and durable materials
  • Comfortable and lightweight like you aren’t wearing anything on your feet.
  • Incredible breathable and sweat-proof
  • Superior EVA padding to absorb shocks, impacts and provide support
  • Solid padding for ankle protection
  • Rubber outsole for maximum flexibility, optimal grip, and enhanced support.
  • Shoes can be a bit too thick causing you to sweat more.

Things You Should Consider When Purchasing the Best Wrestling Shoes

In the current era with so many wrestling shoes in the market, taking a bling shot or guessing which shoe you want will end up being nothing but dumb luck. Our editors have reviewed the best shoes and what criteria each one needs to have in order to meet your needs both inside and outside of the ring.

Wrestling shoes need to have a great ankle support as well as traction, well because you don’t want to slip while tackling your opponent. They also need to be breathable and comfortable during long hours of training and while the most high-quality wrestling shoes can be on the expensive side, they don’t need to be.

We’ve lined up a few criteria and tips below that you need to follow along with added research to ensure that you are armed with the knowledge required to make a well-informed decision on wrestling shoes so that you can pick the perfect pair of shoes the first time around.


The first thing to ensure before you invest in a pair of wrestling shoes is that they fit comfortably. MMA and wrestling being contact sports, means that you’ll be on your feet most of the time, and if you want to prevent painful blisters, sores, and other scary issues from happening, you need to ensure that your shoes have the right fit.

Too loose and your feet will slide around and reduce traction and grip and tight shoes will not only be painful and uncomfortable but may even cause you to slip and break your ankle. Always check if the brand runs true to size, or a bit smaller or bigger before you buy your shoes, keep your measurements in mind and then order accordingly.

Checking the size chart is a must as some brands have shoes specially made for broad feet, narrow feet, or even flat arches and foot problems. This may result in you invest a lot in the wrong pair of shoes which can be quite annoying and in the hassle of returning them and getting another size you could miss out on your fight session.

Type of material

When it comes to wrestling shoes there are a variety of material choices you can pick that match your needs and personal preference. Leather or even synthetic leather are good materials to go in for as they are naturally tough, resilient, and durable and will last you a long time, even with added wear and tear.

Most leather shoes are also waterproof so that even if you sweat a lot of drop water on them, they won’t allow your feet to get wet and uncomfortable.  Other materials like synthetic materials are also durable but have a more lightweight and breathable feeling to them – this is a great choice especially if you plan to train heavily daily.

Added support

With all the training, weightlifting, and fighting, your feet need to be able to support your body and stay securely in place. With this in mind, always pick wrestling shoes that have good support for your feet as well as your ankles.

High-top shoes with custom lace garages are the most supportive as they allow for a custom fit, lace-up closure and give you the opportunity to secure your ankles so that they don’t roll or bend during combat. If you’re worried about your laces coming undone, look for shoes with a proper lace-up garage so that you can tuck and keep away the laces to reduce injury. Shoes which have a padded tongue, reinforced seams, and collars are great for additional ankle and feet support and even strengthens the shoe, allowing it to last a lot longer.


With a combat sport like MMA or wrestling your feet can get rather sweaty, itchy, and uncomfortable during hectic training sessions. If you want to keep your feet cool, fresh, odor-free, and sweat-free during training then go in for shoes that have a thin mesh and will allow your feet to feel breathable and lightweight.

Certain synthetic materials, designs, and upper meshes can allow for more airflow and breathability which means better foot health. This can also help cut down on the washing time as if your feet and kept airy and dry you won’t sweat a lot and will need to wash your shoes a whole lot less which directly translates to your shoes lasting longer.


Cost-effectiveness is an important factor when it comes to shoes. You need to understand that while some brands like Hayabusa and Adidas are a tad on the expensive side, their quality is unmatchable.

If you are investing in shoes that are a bit expensive, make sure they will last you a long time, have a warranty, and are breathable, lightweight, and sturdy. This will make your investment worth it and ensure optimal performance and protection.


What are the best wrestling shoes for high school?

The best wrestling shoes for high school wrestlers would provide the right balance of support, traction, and comfort.

Some good options for high school wrestlers include the Asics JB Elite, the Adidas HVC 2, and the Nike Inflict 3. It’s always a good idea to try on a few different pairs to see which ones fit the best and offer the best performance.

What are the best wrestling shoes for wide feet?

Finding wrestling shoes that fit well can be challenging, especially for those with wide feet. Some good options for wrestlers with wide feet include the Asics Aggressor 3, the Adidas HVC 2, and the Nike Inflict 3.

These shoes are designed with a wider fit and provide ample room in the toe box for wrestlers with wide feet. It’s always a good idea to try on a few different pairs to see which ones fit the best and offer the best performance.

What are the most expensive wrestling shoes?

The most expensive wrestling shoes on the market today are likely to be high-end, custom-made shoes. These shoes are made to order and cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Some popular brands that offer custom wrestling shoes include Nike, Adidas, and Asics. However, it’s important to note that the price of a wrestling shoe doesn’t necessarily reflect its quality or performance. In most cases, a mid-range or even entry-level wrestling shoe will provide the necessary support and traction for most wrestlers.

What are the best wrestling shoes for flat feet?

Wrestling shoes that provide ample arch support and cushioning are a good choice for wrestlers with flat feet. Some good options for wrestlers with flat feet include the Asics Matflex 5, the Adidas Adizero Varner, and the Nike Freek.

These shoes are designed with a higher arch and extra cushioning to provide the necessary support for flat feet. It’s always a good idea to try on a few different pairs to see which ones fit the best and offer the best performance.

What are some good wrestling shoes for heavyweight?

Heavyweight wrestlers need wrestling shoes that provide extra support and durability to withstand the added stress on their feet. Some good options for heavyweight wrestlers include the Asics JB Elite V2.0, the Adidas Adizero Varner, and the Nike Inflict 3.

These shoes are designed with added support and durability to provide the necessary performance for heavier wrestlers. It’s always a good idea to try on a few different pairs to see which ones fit the best and offer the best performance.

In Conclusion

After weighing the pros and cons of each of these wrestling shoes, it’s up to you to pick the clear winner of this roundup. Our editors have provided you with a host of great options that are lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and versatile, as well as provide you with great traction in the ring. If you are a pro or intermediate wrestler and train daily, you will want to look for shoes with added ankle support and enhanced breathability.

Always go in for well-established brands that have a history in sports equipment and attire; they will give you a perfect fit and a generous toe space which is suitable for all kinds of wrestlers. Lastly, research is the key to finding the best pair of wrestling shoes for your needs.

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When it comes to wrestling, shoes tend to not be one of the first things that come to mind when most people think of the sport. However, ask any serious wrestler about their shoes and they will quickly state just how important the right pair of wrestling shoes are. Wrestling shoes are specifically crafted shoes that provide much-needed support for the feet and ankles of the wrestler during their matches and also provide extra traction to ensure that the wrestlers do not slip on the mat. Whether for a new wrestler or a seasoned one, investing in the perfect pair of wrestling shoes can most certainly assist in improving a wrestler’s overall performance, while also maximizing their peak physical potential.

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