69 Top Pro Fighters & Trainers Reveal Their Favorite Boxing Gloves/Brands

Updated - March 8, 2020

I reached out to 69 top professional male and female fighters, the biggest prospects in the sport, current and former champions in Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA, and their coaches. I wanted to find out what boxing gloves do they use and what are their favorite ones. I asked them a simple question:

If you could pick no more than 3 pairs of boxing gloves to your training camp, what brands/models would that be?

Unfortunately  some fighters couldn’t reveal more than 1 brand due to contract with their sponsors.

Below you will find a small section dedicated to each athlete, expert that includes a picture, a short bio, and their 1-3 favorite boxing gloves. You can also to click through to their site and social media pages. I’d also like to thank each of the fighters and trainers that took the time to contribute to this collaboration.

Let’s get started…

The answers bellow are listed in no particular order, although the most resent responses received after this post is published will be added to the bottom of this pages.

George Foreman

George Foreman
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Glove choice: Everlast

Legendary American former pro boxer, George Foreman competed from 1969 to 1977, and again from 1987 to 1997. Nicknamed “Big George”, with a two-time world heavyweight champion, an Olympic gold medals and a striking overall career record of 76-6 with 68 of those wins coming by way of knock out. Foreman is easily one of the most recognized name in the world of professional boxing.

If I had my choice of boxing gloves to use it would be “The Everlast brand!”

The others: 1 is good for the puncher ( They say ) then one is good for blocking more pad on the sleeve.

But “Everlast” serve well, if you “truly can punch.” If you land too many head shots Everlast are more humane, with needed cushion.

Billy The Kid Dib
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Glove choice: Lonsdale, Winning & Rival

Bilal “Billy the Kid” Dib is an Australian pro boxer who held the IBO super-featherweight title back in 2008, along with the IBF featherweight title from 2011 to 2013. Upon beginning his boxing career at the age of 12 at the local Police and Community Youth Club (PCYC), he shortly started up again by way of appearing in amateur competitions, winning a whopping 98 out of 133 bouts. As of today, the 31 year old holds a career record of 42-4, Dib is a notable force to be reckoned with.

My choice of gloves are Lonsdale, Winnings & Rival. I like using Lonsdale & Winnings for sparring and when it comes to fighting on the world stage I can’t look past Rival. I find the Lonsdale gloves and Winnings offer great protection, when it comes to fighting I use Rival Custom RFX. When you hear people say “it fits like a glove” that is exactly how I feel when it comes to the RFX gloves they are an amazing glove.

Maureen Shea
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Glove choice: Winning, Cleto ReyesRival

Maureen “The Real Million Dollar Baby” Shea fights out of the Bronx, New York, and is the current IFBA Jr Featherweight World Champion, current NABA Featherweight Champion and former Interim WBC Featherweight Champion. She is also one of the top professional female boxers in the world with her current record of 25-2-1 with 12 wins coming by way of KO.

As for gloves I would choose:

Winning, Reyes, Rival RB-1 ultra bag gloves.

I choose these three because I train in 12oz and spar in 14oz gloves.  I have small hands and the pocket of the glove is made generally small.

Brad Pickett
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Glove choice: Winning, Cleto Reyes & Rival

The retired Brad “One Punch” Pickett was an orthodox MMA fighter with American Top Team. A bantamweight from London, England, Pickett boasted a record of 25-14, with 7 TKO’s, 10 submissions and 8 decision wins. Pickett was a fan favorite and personal favorite of the UFC’s Dana White and will always be remembered as being pioneer of the sport.

My 3 favorite makes of gloves are Winning boxing gloves, Cleto Reyes, cause they are more puncher’s glove. And then I go for Rival.

Brad answered to my question on his podcast The One Punch Podcast #18 at about 1:20:55s mark.

Laila Ali
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Glove choice: Grant & Cleto Reyes

At one time being only famous for being the beautiful daughter of the legendary boxer Muhammed Ali, Laila Ali took it upon herself to follow in her father’s footsteps and make a legendary boxing career all her own. Competing from 1999-2007, she retired with an undefeated career record of 24-0. She is now very much still in the limelight and keeps her schedule full with a number of various hobbies and TV segments.

Laila likes Grant and Reyes 14-16oz gloves for training. But Grant Boxing gloves are her number 1 favorite.

Luke Campbell
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Glove choice: Everlast

At only 29 years old, Luke Campbell is already making a name for himself in the boxing world; holding both the Commonwealth and WBC Silver lightweight titles since 2016. Campbell stands at 5’9” with a stunning 71” reach, it really is not of a great wonder why “Cool Hand” is ranked at #3 by the WBC as of February 2017. With a record of 16-1, with 13 of those wins being by TKO, this Brit is a force to be reckoned with.

Luke has a glove sponsorship deal with Everlast, whom he feels makes the best gloves available, but because of the deal he wouldn’t be able to name another branded gloves.

Paul Smith Jnr
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Glove choice: Grant & Winning

This British pro boxer is highly regarded for having held the English middleweight title back in 2008. Smith Jr.also can boast having held the British super-middleweight title twice, from 2009 to 2010, and 2013 to 2014; and has even been challenged twice for the WBO super-middleweight title in both in 2014 and 2015. In addition to his title holding career, he also has an impressive record of 38-6 with 22 of those wins coming by way of KO.

I use Grants for pad and bag work and I use Winning for sparring. I don’t use any other brand.

Cathy Brown
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Glove choice: Pro Box

Cathy “The Bitch” Brown is a former pro British Boxer, Sporting Performance Coach and Sports Therapist, Broadcaster and Photographer. Over her extensive career she fought for nine different titles over three various weight categories and retired with the World Boxing Foundation (WBFo) European Flyweight Title and the BBB of C English Bantamweight Title. Brown was ranked 3rd in the World and competed in boxing until 2006, she retired with a career record of 13-8.

I use Pro Box now, Ringside gloves quality let me down with my clients and me, plus delivery time was just too long and unreliable so I changed suppliers.

I have used Lonsdale in the past but their quality has gone downhill over the last few years so I don’t use them anymore.

I haven’t really got a top 3, as once I find a pair of gloves I love I won’t use any others.

Antoine Pinto
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Glove choice: Venum

Antoine (Siangboxing) Pinto is a Muay Thai kickboxer who currently trains in Thailand by way of France.  Pinto stands at 6 feet tall and weighs on average 163-170 lbs. With a current career record of 131-36-1 and a KO ratio of 59%, “The Phenom” is a young powerhouse and most certainly someone to keep your eyes on.

My only answer will be the fighting Venum gloves. I don’t like to use training gloves as I like to get use to sort of shape of the gloves I’ll use when I fight. That’s why I only wear gloves with ropes.

Kaliesha West
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Glove choice: Winning

Kaliesha West is a female pro boxer and is also the former 3 time WBO Female Bantamweight and IFBA super Bantamweight Boxing World Champion. Kaliesha was born in Michigan and fights out of Moreno Valley, CA. The super bantamweight stands at 5’4″ tall and has a current record of 16-2-3 with 4 of those wins coming by way of KO.

 Since the manufacture change of Lonsdale, I’ve had to change my glove of choice. Lonsdale is no longer the quality it once was, and I’ve returned two pairs. Now I use Winning. You can never go wrong with a pair of Winning. They are expensive! But they are the best brand out today.

Stipe Miocic
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Glove choice: Bad Boy

The 34 year, Independence, OH native, Stipe Miocic is an American Pro MMA fighter and the current UFC Heavyweight Champ. Standing at 6’4” and weighing a whopping 240 lbs. Stipe is an incredibly hard-working and highly devoted fighter to the world of MMA, and it clearly shows with his striking record of 16-2.

Bad Boy Legacy boxing gloves

Keisher McLeod
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Glove choice: Everlast, Lonsdale, Winning

After first becoming introduced to boxing following receiving a free trial membership to work with a boxing coach at a local gym, McLeod quickly fell in love with the sport and dropped her former acting and modeling pursuits. Now, “Fire” has had an incredibly notable amateur boxing career with an incredible 12 championships under her belt and a current record of 8-3.

I like Everlast, Lonsdale, & Winning. 8oz for hitting the bag & 14oz for sparring. I recommend the Lonsdale for women because female boxers become stronger than the average girl the same weight so we tend to hit the bag harder than what our wrist and fingers can support. The Lonsdale offers more padding around the fingers in my opinion protecting my hands. Now the Winnings are nice to have to “floss” and be “stylish”. They are pricey. It’s like showing up to a fashion party with the hottest & latest Prada bag. Those are my favorite.

Stephen Smith
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Glove choice: Rival, GrantWinning

British pro boxer, Stephen Francis Smith is the current WBC Silver super featherweight champion. He is also the former British featherweight, British super featherweight champion, and former Commonwealth featherweight champion. With a current record of 24-3 with 14 win’s by KO, Smith has a ton in front in his path in addition to his already super impressive career.

Susie Q Ramadan
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Glove choice: Sting Sports

Susie “Q” Ramadan is an Australian bantamweight boxer. Ramadan is also Australia’s first female to catch and uphold both the International Boxing Federation Bantamweight World Title as well as the WBC World Bantamweight Title. Ramadan has a current career record of 26-2 and only has much more in store for fans.

My answer to the question is Sting Sports. I am proud sponsor of the company and have been for many years. I train and fight in Sting gloves and they have been my winning gloves not because I am sponsored with them but I have had the experience of using their wide range of gloves and equipment. My favorite is the Viper Pro Gloves.

Austin Trout
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Glove choice: Everlast, Rival, & Grant

American pro boxer, Austin “No Doubt” Trout, is highly regarded for laying claim to holding the WBA Super Welterweight title from 2011-2013. Standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 154 lbs. Trout is an incredibly easy-going guy in person. However, with a record of 30-3 and 17 of them coming from TKO, one can easily see that this southpaw is clearly a beast in the ring.

In no specific order…Everlast, Rival, or Grant.

Ina Menzer
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Glove choice: Paffen Sport

The 5’6″ featherweight/junior lightweight, Ina Menzer was born in Atbasar, Khazakhstan on November 10 1980. She now currently resides in Mönchengladbach, Germany, and is trained by Michael Timm and managed by Klaus-Peter Kohl. Menzer boasts a career record of 31-1 with 11 of those wins coming by way of KO. The super talented Menzer is most certainly a name that will be remembered in women’s pro boxing for decades to come.

I always boxed with Paffen Sport. For me these are the best boxing gloves. My favorites were Pro Classic 8/10 oz.

Peter Quillin
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Glove choice: Winning, Everlast, & Grant

Born in Chicago, IL, Peter Quillin is an American pro boxer who held the WBO middleweight title from 2012 to 2014. The Cuban American boxer stands at 5’11” and fights at 160 lbs with a boxing record of 32-1-1. That record of course boasts a whopping 23 KO’s with his only loss being by KO.

Winning, Everlast Protexs, and Grant boxing gloves.

Jimi Manuwa
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Glove choice: Winning, Cleto Reyes, & Booster

The light heavyweight, Jimi “Poster Boy” Manuwa has a ton to be proud of; including a Fight of the Night, two Performances of the Night and a record of 17-2. Fighting out of London, England by way of Sacramento, CA, Poster Boy packs some super heavy duty KO power. Fighting with 55% striking, 27% submissions, and 18% takedowns, Manuwa is master of his domain.

Winning, Reyes, Booster. I’m really fussy with gloves and these are my 3 favourites.

Nicole Wesner
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Glove choice: Adidas, Cleto Reyes, & Grant

The undefeated Nicole Wesner is one of the most easily identifiable female pro boxers in her division. Fighting out of Austria, by way of Germany, Wesner is an orthodox lightweight who has a 50% KO ration and a current record of 12-0. She is presently ranked 1st in her German division and 9th in the world.

I would pick: Adidas, Cleto Reyes and Grant. I like as well Ray Sugar, it is a Spanish brand but probably you don’t know them.

Gary Lockett
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Glove choice: Grants, Winning, & Ringside

Gary “the Rocket” Lockett is a former professional boxer and middleweight world title challenger. The Welsh boxer holds a career record of 30 wins and 2 losses, with a hefty 21 of those wins coming from KO’s. He currently works as a boxing trainer.

Grants, Winning and Ringside, London

Diana Prazak
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Glove choice: Winning, Everlast, & Cleto Reyes

Diana Prazak is an Australian pro female boxer from Australia. Born into a large family with Maltese and Croatian heritage, she is the first Australian fighter to ever become the pound for pound number one. With a record of 13-3, Praznak is on the rise and a notable name to arise in the boxing world time and again.

Egis Kavaliauskas
Find Egis "Mean machine" Kavaliauskas on:

Glove choice: Everlast

Egidijus “The Mean Machine” Kavaliauskas is an undefeated Lithuanian professional boxer in the Light Welterweight division. Kavaliauskas represented Lithuania at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics Games. Egidijus is trained by former IBF World Champion boxer Roberto García and has a record of 16-0 with 13 KO’s.Standing at a height of 5′9″ and a weight of 159 lbs, this orthodox fighter is a legend in the making.

Erik Skoglund
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Glove choice: Adidas

Erik Skoglund is a Swedish professional boxer currently fighting at light-heavyweight. At present, the undefeated, Skoglund holds the WBA International light heavyweight title, the IBO International light heavyweight title and also the IBF Inter-Continental Light Heavyweight title.Skoglund has an incredible career ahead of him, already boasting a whopping 26 wins and no losses.

Erik has during his entire professional career boxed for Team Sauerland and they has until now been sponsored by Adidas. So Erik has so far only used the Adidas gloves during training.

Over the past eight years, Erik used Adidas 10oz professional boxing gloves during bag work and pad work and Adidas 18-20oz professional sparring gloves during sparring.

Sulem Urbina Soto
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Glove choice: Cleto Reyes

Sulem Urbina Soto aka “La Mexicana” is a Mexican amateur women’s boxer, who currently resides in Phoenix. Born on July 8, 1990, in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, her husband, Andrews Soto, is also her boxing trainer and manager. The orthodox flyweight is currently undefeated with a record of 4-0.

I’ve been using the Reyes pro 8oz they are very comfortable.

Eddie Wineland
Find Eddie Wineland on:

Glove choice: Hayabusa, & Fairtex

With a Fight of the Night and two KO’s of the Night under his belt, it’s not really a wonder why people know the name Eddie Wineland. Boasting a record of 23-11-1, this powerhouse fights out of Houston, TX and is widely regarded for his knockout power. Standing at 5’7” and weighing in at 135 lbs. Wineland provides viewers with an always eventful fight that is fueled with his incredible strikes and awesome wrestling skills.

I’ve only ever used Hayabusa…I had a set of Fairtex way back on the day that I liked.

Layla McCarter
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Glove choice: Rival, EverlastCleto Reyes

Layla “Amazing” McCarter is an American boxer and also the former WBA Lightweight and Super-Welterweight World Champion, along with the IFBA Featherweight Champion, GBU Lightweight and Super-Lightweight Champion. With these titles under her belt the lightweight currently has a career record of 38-13-5 and is seeking to drive her career even further under Mayweather Promotions.

Derry Mathews
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Glove choice: Ringside, Winnings, Grant

Derry Mathews is a retired English lightweight boxer, and the former British, Commonwealth and WBA Interim Lightweight champion; not to mention the former English, IBO International, British Masters and even the WBU Featherweight champion. Matthews also fought for the full IBO World title. As an amateur he took the win for the 2002 ABA Bantamweight championship and retired with a record of 38-12-2.

Crystal Morales
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Glove choice: Cleto Reyes, Everlast, Grant

Crystal Morales is a lightweight women’s pro boxer. Fighting out of Oxnard, California, Morales stands at a height of 5’5″, she holds a current career record of 9-10-1, with 2 of those wins coming by way of KO. She boasts a 10% KO ratio and most certainly has the fighting spirit of which drives her to glory.

I would have to say I love Reyes gloves #1 pick for sure. Then #2 – Everlast. #3 would be Grant.

My #1 Cleto Reyes is because I love the model, it feels so much better and you can actually close your whole fist together.

Brian Rose
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Glove choice: Ringside, Grant, Winning

Brian ‘The Lion’ Rose is an English professional boxer fighting in the light middleweight division. He began boxing at the age of only 9 and is currently the WBO Intercontinental and British Champion. Rose is also apart of an elite group that has retained the Lonsdale Belt following having made three successful defenses of the British Title! Receiving a win over Prince Arron to initially win the title and then retaining the belt with his third defense against former belt holder, Sam Webb in a unanimous decision.

Ringside UK , Grants and Winnings are my favourite.

Aleksandra Lopes
Find Aleksandra Lopes on:

Glove choice: Cleto Reyes, Everlast, Grant

The Polish-born Aleksandra Lopes fights out of way of Marshfield, Massachusetts. The welterweight has a current career record of 17-4-2 with one win by KO. She additionally has a 4% KO ratio. With such a great start to her already notable career, it is easy to see why she is already making such a fantastic name for herself.

I would have to say I love Reyes gloves #1 pick for sure. Then #2 – Everlast. #3 would be Grant.

My #1 Cleto Reyes is because I love the model, it feels so much better and you can actually close your whole fist together.

Tony Jeffries
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Glove choice: Winning, Everlast, Lonsdale

Former pro boxer Tony David Jeffries from Great Britain won a bronze medal back in the 2008 Summer Olympics. With a record of 9-0-1, 6 of which came by KO, Jeffries appeared to be at the peak of his glory. However, in 2012, an undefeated Jeffries was forced to retire through hand injuries, his name is one that is sure to be remembered in the boxing world.

Maricela Cornejo
Find Maricela Cornejo on:

Glove choice: Everlast

Maricela “La Diva” Cornejo is female professional boxer and former WBC international female super middleweight title holder who took the title in back in 2015 against Latashia Burton at Mana Studios in Miami, Florida.This knockout fighter has a ton of power behind her punch and is a notable force in the ring, she currently boasts a record of 7-2 with two of those wins coming by KO.

Everlast Powerlock at the moment.

Khalid Yafai
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Glove choice: Rival

Khalid “Kal” Yafai is a British professional boxer who has held the WBA super-flyweight title since December of 2016. Kal is a super flyweight who stands at 5’5″ and weighs in at 115 lbs. The 27 year old currently has an undefeated career record of 21-0 with a staggering 14 wins by KO and a whopping 67% KO ratio.

Ryan Rhodes
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Glove choice: Cleto Reyes, Grant, and Lonsdale

Former British pro boxer Ryan Rhodes competed from 1995 to 2012. Once holding the British light-middleweight title twice, from 1996 to 1997 and in 2008, and the European light-middleweight title from 2009 to 2010, Rhodes is a highly regarded name in the sport. With an incredible record of 46-6, 31 of which came by KO, Rhodes’ era is one that is going to be remember for decades to come.

Cleto Reyes, Grants and Lonsdale boxed in them all

Mia St. John
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Glove choice: Cleto Reyes

Mia Rosales St. John is a Mexican-American professional boxer and former World Boxing Council champion in the super welterweight division and also the IBA and IFBA lightweight champion. In addition to her influential boxing career, St. John is also a model, businesswoman, and taekwondo champion. She retired from boxing in 2016 via TKO win in the 4th round. She retired with a record of 49-14-2 with 19 KO’s.

For training I use Cleto Reyes boxing gloves.

Tim Sylvia
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Glove choice: Winning

Timothy “The Maine-iac” Sylvia is a retired American MMA fighter, pro wrestler, and the former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion. He competed as both a Super Heavyweight and a Heavyweight. While he is perhaps most notably known for competing in the UFC, Sylvia also competed for Affliction, the IFC, and even ONE FC. He retired with a career record of 45-9.

Winning the only ones I used.

Duda Yankovich
Find Duda Yankovich on:

Glove choice: Cleto Reyes, Ringside, Rival

Duda “Diamond” Yankovich is a Serbian Brazilian fighter who fights in both boxing and MMA. Yankovich moved to Brazil in 1999, due to the Yugoslav civil war, and quickly rose to become the Brazilian Kickboxing Champion in 2001–2003. She was also the Women’s International Boxing Association 2006 light welterweight world champion, and boasts a current boxing record of 11-4 and a pro MMA record of 1-3.

1. Cleto Reyes Professional training.
2. IMF Tech Pro boxing gloves by Ringside.
3. Rival High Performance lace ups – for sparring. Rival Ultra bag gloves – for bag work. Love their tightness.

Cornelius Bundrage
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Glove choice: Winning, Everlast, Grant

Cornelius Bundrage is an American pro boxer who is a two-time former world champion, having upheld the IBF junior middleweight title twice between the years of 2010 and 2015. Standing at 5’6″ and weighing in at 153 lbs Bundrage fights at light middleweight and has a staggering career record of 35-6 with 20 KO’s under his belt.

Winning for sparring – Everlast and Grant for fighting

Patricia Alcivar
Find Patricia Alcivar on:

Glove choice: Ringside, Title, Everlast

Patricia “Patty Boom Boom” Alcivar” is a female pro boxer, competitive road and adventure racer, model and commercial/fitness actress. She trains in Manhattan at Trinity Boxing Club in lower Manhattan and has a current record of 7-3. This Columbian superflyweight has overcome a childhood filled with abuse to come into her own and take the female boxing world by storm.

My top 3 picks for boxing gloves would be:

1. Ringside 16oz IMF Pro Style Tech for sparring
2. Title 14oz Platinum Sparring Gloves
3. Everlast Protex2 Training Gloves

Jamie Conlan
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Glove choice: Grant, Winning

Pro boxer Jamie “the Mexican” Conlan fights out of Northern Ireland and currently stands undefeated in his division. Conlan has earned a well-deserved reputation as a rising star in the super-flyweight division, due in large part to his undefeated record of 19-0 and his super strong KO ratio.

Heather Hardy
Find Heather Hardy on:

Glove choice: Adidas

Heather “The Heat” Hardy is an American pro boxer who currently holds the WBC International Female Super Bantamweight title. Hardy is a divorced single mom and trainer who both lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. “The Heat” is a heavy hitting powerhouse who both boxes and kickboxes, she has a record of 19-0 and a huge career ahead of her.

Ryan Burnett
Find Ryan Burnett on:

Glove choice: Fly, Grant, Winning

24 year old Ryan Burnett fights out of Belfast, Northern Ireland. He currently holds the British, WBO European and WBC International Bantamweight titles. Burnett has upheld a passion for boxing since he was 4 years old, and with a current undefeated record of 16-0, is certainly shows where his passion truly lies.

Top three picks:

Sonya Lamonakis
Find Sonya Lamonakis on:

Glove choice: Winning, Rival, Cleto Reyes

Sonya Lamonakis is a Greek American boxer and interestingly, a teacher in New York City. Lamonakis is currently ranked no. 4 in the women’s heavyweight division in the World Boxing Council, and she is also a former IBO World Heavyweight Champion. Fighting at orthodox with a height of 5’7″, and a record of 10-2-2, Lamonakis is a force to be reckoned with in the ring.

Ryan D Martin
Find Ryan D Martin on:

Glove choice: Everlast, Grant, Rival

Ryan D. Martin is an American lightweight professional boxer. An Olympic hopeful as an amateur, Martin won several National Amateur Championships, however he failed to qualify for the 2012 Olympics. As a pro boxer he currently has an undefeated 18-0 record.

I would pick the Everlast MX, Grant and Rival.

Kali Reis
Find Kali Reis on:

Glove choice: Grant, Cleto Reyes, Winning

Kali Reis is an American professional female boxer who is also the first professional Native American boxer to hail from New England; not to mention the first Native American fighter to win the International Boxing Association middleweight crown. She has a current record of 10-6-1 with 4 wins coming by KO with a 24% KO ratio. Standing at 5’8″, this middleweight has a ton in store for her.

They would have to be Grant, Reyes and Winnings.

Jussier Formiga
Find Jussier Formiga on:

Glove choice: Cleto ReyesTwins, Top King

Brazilian MMA flyweight, Jussier Formiga, is ranked as the #5 Top Flyweight in the UFC. Standing at a mere 5’5” and weighing 125 lbs, Formiga is a name that is quickly rising in the world of mixed martial arts. The kid is super motivated by future title aspirations and with a current 5-3 UFC record and 19-4 professional record, those title shots should be opening up fairly quickly for him.

Maria Lindberg
Find Maria Lindberg on:

Glove choice: WinningAdidas, Everlast

While this Swedish junior middleweight may have her Ph.D in Chemical Engineering, she decided to give it all up to become a boxer. Her amateur career was cut short when she sustained a head injury in 1999. Since then she has literally come out swinging to prove herself worthy as a pro and holds a record of 15-2-2 with a staggering 8 of those wins coming by KO.

My 3 gloves would be:

1) Winning Professional Boxing gloves
2) Adidas Adistar
3) Everlast Powerlock Pro Fight Boxing Gloves

Ross Burkinshaw
Find Ross Burkinshaw on:

Glove choice: Cleto Reyes, Grants, Winning

Ross Burkinshaw is an English pro boxer who has taken the British Boxing Board of Control English Super flyweight title. He has also fought for a successfully taken the bantamweight Commonwealth title by way of beating Jason Cunningham and also has the WBO European bantamweight title. With a current record of 14-6, with 8 KO victories, Burkinshaw has his eyes set on achieving only the very best.

I would choose Cleto Reyes, Grants & Winning

Marco McCullough
Find Marco McCullough on:

Glove choice: Winning, Rival, Everlast.

This 27 year old pro boxer fights out of Belfast, Ireland and has a current record of 14-2, with 9 wins coming from KO. McCullough defeated the former world champ Dimitri Kirilov for the WBO European featherweight title, while also taking the intercontinental title for the WBO. He may have lost to Isaac Lowe for the Commonwealth featherweight title, but he is at present scheduled to face Ryan Walsh for the British featherweight title.

The last couple of camps I have sick with Winning gloves for sparring. And Rival and Everlast gloves for bag and pads etc.

Shelito Vincent
Find Shelito Vincent on:

Glove choice: Cleto Reyes, Grant, Rival

Shelito “Shelito’s Way” Vincent is a female pro boxer who has utilized the pain of her past to push her forward to become one incredible boxer. Following a childhood filled with pain and loss, and battling severe depression and alcohol dependency, Vincent fought back at the age of 18 when she found boxing and turned her life around. She currently has a record of 19-1 and the super featherweight has a ton of glory in her future.

Jimmie Rivera
Find Jimmie Rivera on:

Glove choice: Tigear

The 20-1 Puerto Rican decedent lays claims to a number of highly notable performances in the UFC; including a Fight of the Night. Jimmie “El Terror” Rivera fights out of Ramsey, NJ by way of Passaic, NJ. The bantamweight stands at 5’4” and weighs in at 134lbs. An incredibly diverse martial artist he owns the Octagon with his striking, wrestling and grappling skills.

Tigear boxing gloves. Any of them except the pink ones they aren’t my color lol

Marianne Marston
Find Marianne Marston on:

Glove choice: 3X Sports, PUG, Cleto Reyes

Marianne Marston is a southpaw pro boxer fighting out of the UK. Standing at 5’7″ the bantamweight currently holds a record of 4-0 with 3 of those wins coming by KO. This Brit is a slugger both in and out of the ring being a huge inspiration to both women and young girls who aspire to pursue careers in women’s boxing.

Interesting you should ask that as I have a real struggle finding gloves that protect my hands adequately, and have had makes I like go out of business so it feels like I am always having to try out new gloves.

Recently had to change makes again (kept splitting the foam on the left hand) and have found my new favourite. And these rank as my all time favourites too:

1 – 3X Professional Choice 16oz. lace ups. Fantastic hand protection from a new company. They are custom making the gloves for my world title fight.
2 – PUG Mexican style. 16oz lace ups. No longer made.
3 – Reyes 16oz lace ups (Mexican style). Great hand protection but annoyingly bulky.

Thomas Doran
Find Thomas Doran

Glove choice: Ringside, Grant

Tom “Dazzlin'” Doran is a Welsh pro boxer and stands at 5’10” with a 70″ reach. Doran recently held the WBC International middleweight title in 2016, and also fought for for the British middleweight title during 2016 as well. Though this kid has a current record of the 17-1, outside of boxing the orthodox fighter works as an aircraft maintenance technician.

My picks would be Ringside 16oz & Grants 16oz for sparring and Grants 10oz for fight night.

Petr Petrov
Find Petr Petrov on:

Glove choice: Charlie, Rival, Everlast

Petr “El Zar” Petrov is a Russian professional boxer who has been challenged twice for a world title, at light-welterweight in 2011 and at lightweight in 2017. Born on March 28, 1983, in Ryazan, Russia, Petrov stands at 5′ 6″ and has a total of 44 fights under his belt. The orthodox fighter has a record of 38-5-2, with 19 KO’s.

Charlie Gel, Rival, and Everlast.

Sindy Amador
Find Sindy Amador on:

Glove choice: Winning, Cleto Reyes, Twins, Sabas

Sindy Amador is a retired female pro boxer who was born in Mexico and fought out of Riverside, CA. Amador had a promising career ahead of her when she took a nasty hit during sparring prior to a fight and had to have eye surgery, which forced her into an early retirement. She retired in 2014 with a career record of 12-1-1.

I would say:

1 – Winning

2 – Cleto Reyes

3 – Twins, but I think they discontinued the Twins, I don’t know why, they were very good and affordable. The last brand I tried was Sabas gloves, they sponsor me with boxing equipment. They are barely starting but I think they are pretty good.

Jerome Wilson
Find Jerome Wilson on:

Glove choice: Fairtex, Grant, Lonsdale

Jerome “Wipeout” Wilson is a highly regarded British welterweight boxer who boasts a career record of 8-3. He is often considered to be excruciatingly lucky for not losing his life in the ring following a severe knockout during his 11th pro fight on September 12th, 2014. Wilson is a powerhouse who has showed time and again that he will not back down or succumb to what rises up against him.

1) Lace up Fairtex 16oz

2) Lace up Grants 14oz

3) lace up Lonsdale 10oz

Eliza Olson
Find Eliza Olson

Glove choice: Winning, Title, Cleto Reyes

Eliza Olson fights out of Gladiator’s Training Academy in Redwood City, California. The 5’5″ boxer was born into a long-history of family boxing, with her grandfather being Carl “Bobo” Olson, a middleweight world champion and boxing hall-of-famer who fought all of the greats at his weight and in turn retired with a record of 99-16-2 (49 KO). Eliza’s father, Carl Olson Jr., is in her corner every time she fights. With such strong family ties, it is most certainly no wonder why she has a current career record of 10-6-3.

Winning gloves are expensive but worth it! But my Title classic boxing gloves lace ups are awesome!! Winning,  Title Classic and Reyes.  All lace up. I like the support better when gloves are laced up. It is extra support. Helps the wrist out.

Brandon Moreno
Find Brandon Moreno on:

Glove choice: Ringside, Cleto Reyes, Grant

The Mexican flyweight Brandon “The Assassin Baby” is ranked #10 in his division as of December 2016. A Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, Moreno boasts some pretty unique diversity utilizing his other fighting skills: 19% striking, 35% submissions and 46% takedowns. Moreno is a super diverse fighter with an overall 13-3 record.

Ringside are in his opinion the most comfortable and overall good bang for the buck.

Cleto Reyes are the most durable and loves the fit yet not the price.

Grant would also be in his list, as he loves some of the top line gloves.

Murthel Groenhart
Find Murthel Groenhart on:

Glove choice: Winning, Grant, Twins

Murthel “The Predator” Groenhart is a Dutch-Surinamese super middleweight kickboxer fighting out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. He has fought out of the same gym since he was a teenager, Mike’s Gym, where he is trained by Mike Passenier. Groenhart stands at 6’1″ and weighs in at 170 lbs and boasts a career record of 64-22-3 with a 57% KO ratio.

I would choose Winning, Grants and Twins, but Grants and Winning definitely the best.

Isra Girgrah
Find Isra Girgrah on:

Glove choice: Cleto Reyes, Grant, Rival

Isra moved with her family to Canada in 1974 and shortly thereafter began boxing in 1994 to stay in shape. As a multi-sport star in high school volleyball, soccer and volleyball, she proved to be a natural as a boxer and says that she fell in love with the sport after a year of training and took it up again after graduating from college and moving to Atlanta, United States. Girgrah is highly respected female boxer whose name is sure to be one to remember with her current career record of 28-3-2.

Brian Bomac Mcintyre
Find Brian McIntyre on:

Glove choice: Everlast

The orthodox boxer, Brian “Bomac” McIntyre, is a force all his own. He’s a heavyweight who fights out of Omaha, Nebraska and has a career record of 7-14, with 2 of those wins coming by KO. McIntyre.

Maribel Zurita
Find Maribel Zurita on:

Glove choice: Cleto Reyes, Grant

Maribel “Little Thunder” Zurita is an American professonal boxer. Zurita is the WIBA Light Flyweight World Champion and former IFBA Flyweight World Champion in women’s boxing. Fighting out of San Antonio, Texas and having been trained by Tony Ayala Sr., Little Thunder is a fan favorite and dominate presence in the ring. She boasts a career record of 10-8-2 with one of those wins coming by KO.

I would have to say my favorite gloves would be Reyes gloves and then it would be Grants.

Volkan Oezdemir
Find Volkan Oezdemir

Glove choice: Fairtex, Booster

Volkan “Cousin” Oezdemir is ranked 17 in the top light heavyweight division. With a record of 13-1, and a recent upset over Ovince Saint Preux, Oezdemir fights out of Coconut Creek, FL by way of Switzerland. The 6’1”, 205 lb. fighter packs power, versatility and a strong work ethic which makes him a cut above so many of the rest.

I’m not a specialist but I’m used to train with Fairtex and Booster.
I always had the same brand all my life.

Melissa Huracan Hernandez

Glove choice: Grant, Winning, Lonsdale

Melissa “Huracán” Hernández is a Puerto Rican boxer who took the WIBA Super Bantamweight World Title back in 2006. Hernandez first took up boxing when she felt compelled to shed some weight, and when she fell in love with the sport she began to really push forward into developing an impressive career in the world of boxing. This super featherweight made her pro boxing debut in NYC in 2005 and currently has a record of 21-6-3.

1st Grants, just a great all around glove. 2nd – Winning. 3rd – Lonsdale.

Gabriel Varga
Find Gabriel Varga

Glove choice: Hayabusa, Leone, Top King

Gabriel Varga is a Canadian kickboxer who competes in the Featherweight division and is a 4th degree black belt in both Shotokan and Kadgamala. Having been a martial artist since his childhood, Varga started out in Shotokan karate and then transitioned to kickboxing at the age of seventeen. Following his success as a Canadian, North American and two-time world champion during his amateur career, in 2009 he turned pro and won two more world championships in the course of only 7 months back in 2011. He has since competed in the K-1 and Glory promotions, and as of late 2016, he is ranked as the #9 featherweight in the world with an astounding record of 13-4.

I rate gloves a few factors. Hand comfort, protection, and durability.
With these in mind I’ve had the most success with:
1. Hayabusa. 8oz Glory Gloves Laceup
2. Leone. 8oz Laceup
3. Top King. 10oz Laceup.

Demetrius Andrade
Find Demetrius Andrade

Glove choice: Everlast

Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade is an American professional boxer and is the current WBA Light middleweight champion along with also being the former WBO Light middleweight champion. The undefeated boxer is only gaining notoriety in the world of pro boxing with his current undefeated streak of 24-0 with an insane 16 KO wins. The young southpaw seems increasingly eager to find out what is around the bend in terms of his impressive fighting career.

Everlast x 3

Adrian El Tigre Granados
Find Adrian "El Tigre" Granados

Glove choice: Winning, Rival, Grant

Adrián “Tigre” Granados is an American professional boxer of Mexican descent, who fights at light welterweight and has a current career record of 18-5-2 with a 48% KO ratio. Making his debut in 2008, Granados has certainly risen above to make an impressive name for himself and we are sure to only see more good things from him in the near future.

Winning and Rival for training, Grant for the fight.

Wayne McCullough
Find Wayne McCullough

Glove choice: Everlast, Rival, Grant

The former pro boxer from Northern Ireland competed between 1993-2008. He holds several titles and claims to fame, including the WBC bantamweight title that he held from 1995-1997. He is well known for his astoundingly relentless attacks and retired with a career record of 27-7, with 18 of those wins coming by KO.

I prefer Everlast. They are more comfortable from the minute you put them on.

I also like Grant. Very comfortable but for personal preference I’d go with Everlast first.

I like Reyes gloves for fighting because they are for knock outs!

Davit Kiria
Find Davit Kiria

Glove choice: Nikko, Venum, Everlast

This Georgian kickboxer and Ashihara karate specialist is highly regarded for his unorthodox and incredibly spot-on techniques. He took the Kyokushinkai Karate Kamakura European Championship back in 2009 and has been virtually unstoppable since. With a record of 28-12, this 29 year old middleweight certainly has a lot to boast about.

It would be Nikko, Venum and Everlast

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