Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners in 2024 (Bag work and Sparring)

Boxing gloves for beginners

Our Top Choices:

Best Sparring Boxing Gloves for Beginners: Venum Impact

Equip yourself with the Venum Impact Boxing Gloves for an unbeatable start to your boxing journey. These gloves deliver unmatched comfort and support, boosting your performance and power from the get-go.

Best Real Leather Boxing Gloves for Beginners: Fairtex BGV1

Experience the luxurious feel of genuine leather and exceptional durability with the Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Gloves. Perfect for beginners, they offer ultimate hand protection and enhanced strike power for an impressive start.

Best Budget Boxing Gloves for Beginners: Ringside Apex Flash

Discover top-tier quality without breaking the bank with the Ringside Apex Flash Boxing Gloves. Balancing comfort, durability, and style, these gloves provide phenomenal value and are the perfect investment for any budding boxer.

Dipping your toes into the boxing ring? Good for you! Embrace the sweat, grit, and the thrill. Now, let’s cut to the chase – you need the right gloves. They’re more than just padded leather; they’re an extension of your fists, your primary tools in the ring. So, let’s get you set up.

This guide will not only highlight the best beginner boxing gloves but also arm you with essential knowledge. We’ll delve into the critical aspects of boxing gloves, understanding their differences, and why factors like weight matter. Here’s to your journey towards boxing mastery.

The 5 Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners in 2024

Venum Impact Boxing Gloves 

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Engineered with triple density contoured foam, these gloves ensure superb shock absorption, allowing you to deliver heavy hits without compromising on protection.

These gloves aren’t just about power though, they’ve got comfort covered too. The flexible two-way Velcro closure provides a secure fit that’s easily adjustable, making these gloves a breeze to put on and take off. They’re ultra lightweight, ensuring you won’t feel bogged down even during the longest training sessions.

They’re available in sizes from 8 oz to 16 oz, making them suitable for boxers of various weight classes and experience levels. And with a durable polyurethane construction, you can trust these gloves to go the distance with you.

In short, the Venum Impact Boxing Gloves offer a powerful combination of comfort, protection, and performance.

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Fairtex BGV1

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Crafted to fit comfortably on any hand – man or woman – these gloves offer a contoured, breathable design that keeps your hands cool and dry, even in the heat of training.

But comfort isn’t their only strength. These gloves are built tough with premium leather and incorporate the Fairtex foam system, providing excellent protection for your hands and knuckles. The shock-absorbent padding is perfect for intense training, whether hitting the heavy or speed bag.

Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Gloves Review

The Fairtex gloves are incredibly versatile, and suitable for boxing, kickboxing, and MMA. With a single strap closure, they’re a cinch to put on and take off – perfect for beginners and youth, yet also suitable for more experienced athletes.

They are handmade with care, delivering the superior quality Fairtex is known for. Available in sizes from 8-16 oz, these gloves cater to a range of needs, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

In a nutshell, the Fairtex Boxing Gloves offer a fantastic blend of fit, protection, and versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, these gloves will elevate your boxing journey.

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Ringside IMF Tech Pro

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These gloves boast Injected Molded Foam (IMF) Technology across the knuckles, providing outstanding shock absorption whether you’re sparring or hitting the bag.

What sets these gloves apart is the pre-curved padding. It offers top-tier shock absorption from the get-go, with zero break-in period required. Couple that with the full wrap-around hook and loop closure that snugly fits into the channeled wrist, and you have a glove that offers superior protection and comfort.

Ringside IMF Tech Pro Fight Gloves

But the Ringside IMF Tech Pro Gloves aren’t just about protection – they’re also designed for performance. Ideal for boxing, these gloves will help you get in shape, one punch at a time. The segmented cuff acts as a second handwrap, adding stability to your wrist, while the flexible upper wrist hinge offers just the right amount of flexibility for your punches.

These gloves are offered in both black and white, in various weights, fitting the needs of a wide range of athletes. Crafted from 100% full grain premium leather, they’re as durable as they are effective.

Read our full review of the Ringside IMF Tech Pro here.

TITLE Gel World

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These gloves feature an exclusive Gel Enforced Lining and multi-layered foam padding, providing unparalleled comfort and impact resistance.

The all-leather outer and specially designed hand compartment lining ensure a cool, dry, and comfortable wear. An adjustable wrist strap with a D-ring and hook-and-loop closure ensures a secure fit, making these gloves a reliable partner in your training sessions.

Best Boxing Gloves Reviewed

The TITLE Gel World Gloves offer much more than a comfortable fit and high-level protection. They’re built for performance, and capable of withstanding the heavy hits you’ll encounter during your training or sparring sessions. Even after multiple years of usage and countless punches, these gloves stand strong, a testament to their superior durability.

These gloves are perfect for serious enthusiasts like you who need a high-performing glove that can keep up with your rigorous training schedule. They may be a bit more of an investment upfront, but the longevity and quality they offer are worth every penny.

Read our full review TITLE Gel World here.

Ringside Apex Flash

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Constructed with durable synthetic leather, these gloves are not only resilient but also simple to clean and maintain. To keep your hands cool and comfortable even during rigorous training sessions, the gloves feature a breathable mesh palm and moisture-wicking inner liner.

These gloves are easy to adjust, thanks to their full wrap-around hook and loop closure, ensuring a snug fit and enhanced safety with an attached thumb piece. The stylish design and variety of colors make these gloves visually appealing, reflecting your passion for the sport.

Ringside Apex Boxing Gloves

Despite their superior design and features, you may notice a slight softening of the IMF foam padding after extensive use. However, the protection they offer remains largely uncompromised, allowing you to train confidently and effectively.

All in all, the Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves deliver excellent value for their price. Perfect for all-round use, these gloves combine comfort, durability, and style, making them a go-to choice for both bag work and sparring sessions.

Read our full review of Ringside Apex Flash here.

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What to consider when buying boxing gloves as a beginner

Alright, champs-in-training, it’s time for the meat and potatoes of our guide – the key factors to consider when buying your first pair of boxing gloves. This isn’t about fancy brand names or colorful designs (though we’ll touch on that, too!). It’s about understanding what really matters, the stuff that ensures not just your performance, but also your safety in the ring.

So, before you whip out that wallet, let’s look at what’s under the hood of a good boxing glove. We’ll talk size and weight, material and durability, padding, support, and protection, design, and whether to go for lace-up or Velcro. This guide will help you make an informed decision: pick the gloves that will be your trusty companions through every jab, hook, and uppercut. Let’s get started!

Size & Weight

Sizes of gloves

First off, we’ve got to get this part right: size and weight. No, they’re not the same thing in the world of boxing gloves. While size refers to the glove’s overall fit for your hand, weight corresponds to the amount of padding inside and thus, the level of protection it provides.

Typically, glove weights range from 8 oz to 20 oz. But as a beginner, you’re likely to be in the 12-16 oz zone. The heavier the glove, the more padding it has, and the more protection it offers to both you and your sparring partner. Sounds like a good thing, right? But there’s a catch – heavier gloves can also slow down your punches. 

Here’s a table showing my recommending glove sizes:

Gloves SizeFighters Weight (Pounds)Fighters Weight (KG)Palm Size Circumference (Inches)Palm Size Circumference (cm)
4 oz.< 80 lbs< 36 kg< 5.5 inches< 14 cm
6 oz.< 80 lbs< 36 kg< 5.5 inches< 14 cm
8 oz.80 – 110 lbs36 – 50 kg5.5 – 6.5 inches14 – 16.5 cm
10 oz.110 – 130 lbs50 – 59 kg6.5 – 7.5 inches16.5 – 19 cm
12 oz.130 – 165 lbs59 – 75 kg7.5 – 8.5 inches19 – 21.6 cm
14 oz.165 – 190 lbs75 – 86 kg8.5 – 9.5 inches21.6 – 24 cm
16 oz.> 190 lbs> 86 kg> 8.5 inches> 21.6 cm
18 oz. – 20 oz.185 lbs+84 kg+9.5 – 10.5 inches24 – 26.7 cm

Material & Durability

The material used plays a crucial role in your gloves’ durability and overall performance.

Generally, you’ll come across three types of material when shopping for gloves: genuine leather, synthetic leather (usually referred to as PU leather), and vinyl. Each one comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Genuine Leather

The classic choice, and for a good reason. Genuine leather gloves are typically the most durable and provide a fantastic fit. As you use them, they mould to your hands, creating an excellent, comfortable fit. They also tend to be the most expensive, but they’re a worthy investment if you’re serious about your boxing journey.

Synthetic Leather (PU Leather)

This is a popular choice for beginners. It’s more budget-friendly than genuine leather and still offers reasonable durability. However, it might not last as long under intensive use and the fit may not be as glove-like as genuine leather.


Vinyl gloves are often the cheapest option available and can be a good choice if you’re just dipping your toes into the boxing world. They offer a different durability or fit than the other two options, but they’re an easy entry point if you’re not quite ready to commit to a more expensive pair.

And just to give you a better comparison, here’s a handy little table summarizing these materials:

MaterialDurabilityFit ComfortPrice Range
Genuine LeatherHighExcellentHigh
Synthetic Leather (PU)MediumGoodMedium

While you might be tempted to choose the cheapest option, remember that a good pair of gloves is an investment. They’re your first line of defense in the ring, and the right pair will go a long way in protecting your hands and enhancing your boxing experience.

Padding & Support

Alright, let’s get into the nitty-gritty: padding and support. This is what shields your hands and your sparring partner from unnecessary harm.

The padding in boxing gloves, usually foam, absorbs the shock of your punches. As a beginner, look for gloves with generous, evenly-distributed padding for optimal protection.

Support, especially around the wrist, is equally crucial. A good glove should offer robust wrist support to prevent injuries from improper punches or accidental twists. Look for gloves with sturdy wrist straps and adequate padding in this area.

Remember, your gloves are your first line of defense in the ring. So, give their padding and support the attention they deserve.


While design may seem like a purely aesthetic concern, it actually plays a part in your comfort and performance in the ring. The design of a glove can impact how it fits, how well it ventilates, and how easy it is to put on and take off.

Some gloves offer a more streamlined design with sleeker padding for faster punches, while others might be bulkier with additional padding for protection. The interior lining material matters too – it should feel comfortable against your skin and ideally wick away sweat.

And yes, the visual appeal matters too! If you love the way your gloves look, you’re going to feel that much better wearing them. So, pick a design that you love and that suits your boxing style.

Lace-up or Velcro

The final decision in your glove hunt comes down to this – lace-up or Velcro. This choice largely influences how secure your gloves feel and how easy they are to put on and take off.

Lace-up Gloves

Traditional and secure, lace-up gloves offer a very snug fit, ensuring your glove stays put no matter how intense your session gets. But the trade-off is convenience – lacing up requires time and usually the help of a second person.

Velcro Gloves

Also known as hook and loop gloves, these are the go-to for most beginners. They’re easy to put on and take off, even when you’re alone. The fit might not be as tight as lace-up gloves, but they’re more than adequate for general training and light sparring.

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What is entry level boxing gloves?

Entry-level boxing gloves are designed for beginners who are just starting out in the sport. These gloves typically offer a balance between protection, comfort, and affordability. They are designed to withstand basic training sessions, including light sparring, bag work, and pad work, and are often made with synthetic materials, though you can find entry-level gloves made with real leather too.

How do I start training for boxing?

Starting to train for boxing involves several steps. Firstly, you need to ensure you’re in a good overall level of fitness, as boxing is a physically demanding sport. You can begin by doing regular cardiovascular exercises such as running or cycling. Secondly, join a boxing gym and find a coach to guide you through the basics of boxing techniques, footwork, and defense strategies. Don’t forget to invest in good quality boxing equipment, including gloves, hand wraps, and proper training attire. Lastly, consistency is key, so make sure to set a regular training schedule and stick to it.

How do I know what boxing gloves I need?

Choosing boxing gloves depends on various factors such as your experience level, the type of boxing training you’re engaging in, and your hand size. For beginners, entry-level gloves with good padding and wrist support are recommended. If you’re planning to do a lot of heavy bag work, you may need heavier gloves for better hand protection. Sparring typically

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