Do MMA Fighters Wear a Cup? (Rules & Reasons why)

Have you ever wondered if MMA fighters wear a cup as a part of their uniform?

All mixed martial art fighters are required to wear cups whether they are training solo, coaching, or even during fights. Wearing a cup might take a bit of getting used to, it’s required to protect your groin during heavy impacts, hits, kicks, or strikes.

While many places have prohibited groin kicks or impacts, accidents happen and you would want to be prepared so that you don’t get seriously injured. 

Keep in mind that many MMA fighters put in hours or even weeks of training to build their strength and endurance for each fight. However, groin strikes can happen at any time and it’s always better to come prepared as even through an ambulance or medical professional is always around, strikes can cause a lot of pain and injury.

Here are some of the advantages of wearing a cup

It protects your groin during combat 

While many UFC fights and training schools have banned groin strikes, accidents can happen, and wearing a cup can help prevent any serious injury or pain especially when hitting, kicking, or grappling. Fighters always move quickly and you may not have time to move away, resulting in a painful accident that can lead to your opponent winning. A lot of men are advised to always opt for shorts that come with an extra part to keep the cup secure and to pick a cup that fits perfectly, not too small or too big. Comfort is key as is flexibility when moving around a lot. 

Improves performance and makes stretching easier 

Do mma fighters wear a cup?

Some cups are great for stretching, and exercising and can help lead to better performance in a fight. Since you are wearing a cup and know you’re protected, you can have the freedom to fight the way you want which can help build endurance and prevent muscle-related injuries. 

Keep in mind that the cup you are wearing should be made from approved materials in a fight and you need to consider durability, functionality, and comfort. 

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Do female UFC fighters need to wear cups?

While the mixed martial arts uniform is different for both male and female fighters, men are required to wear a cup, while women need to wear chest protection during a fight. While accidents can happen, most women fighters don’t require to wear a groin protector and should only wear good chest protection so that strikes and kicks don’t cause lasting damage, bleeding, or bruising. While cups are available for women, many of them don’t wear them. 

End Note

If you are planning on joining MMA, always invest in a good range of equipment, attire, and a premium cup along with shin and knee pads so that you are protected against whatever punches, and kicks your opponent throws at you. Before fighting with a new cup, always wear it for a couple of training sessions as it takes some getting used to. 

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