Everlast Elite High Top Boxing Shoes Review

In the words of Sugar Ray Robinson, “Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart, and that’s in rhythm or you’re in trouble.” It’s hard to argue against the fact that, after the heart, your footwork is the next epicenter of rhythm in boxing. For this reason, MMA Gear Addict will be reviewing the Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced; shoes are an important facet of every boxers’ wardrobe so let’s dive into what differentiates this pair from others. Today we will break down our shoe selection into three short topics: the importance of a good pair of shoes, Everlast as a brand, and what makes their Elite High Top Boxing Shoe special.

Why Boxing Shoes?

Often shoes are not at the forefront of the mind when someone thinks about necessary equipment for boxing. However, boxing shoes provide a level of support and stability that will prove very beneficial as your training becomes more intensive. For this reason, shoes specifically designed for boxing are a great investment if you plan on developing in the field. Boxing shoes are specifically designed to increase ankle support without sacrificing traction, both of which become increasingly important as you grow. In short, a good boxing shoes focuses is at once lightweight and limits restriction of movement while also providing ankle support and traction in the ring. So what is there to look for when you go to pick out your own:

Why Everlast Boxing Shoes?

When it comes to name recognition and quality, it’s hard to beat Everlast. Everlast has been a staple of the boxing community since it hit the ring in 1910. With over 100 years of experience, Everlast has become the world’s leading marketer, manufacturer and licensor of Boxing and MMA equipment. Due to their prowess in the industry, Everlast has been the brand of choice for generations of boxing’s legends. Everlast is one of the staple brands of the boxing industry and therefore, their shoes have been born and bred for the ring; their quality is undeniable. Their products are a testament to the name, it’s almost as if they are everlasting.

Why the Everlast Elite High Top Boxing Shoe?

The two things that should be paramount when selecting your shoes are durability and comfort. With its innovation in the field of footwear, the Everlast shoe is a phenomenal option for both comfort and durability. For the sole of the shoe, Everlast partnered with a traction specialist, Michelin, to design a sole with traction at its heart. With this road-tested rubber outsole, this technical sole is built to maximize stability, flexibility, and traction. Moving up from the point of contact with the ground, the exterior of the shoe is designed with open weave mesh, microfiber, and suede so that, no matter how hard you’re working, your feet will get their much needed oxygen. In addition to its breathability, this use of materials allows for a large range of flexibility not only forward-and-backward but from side-to-side as well. A full range of motion is crucial to maintaining the rhythm we began this article discussing. Finally, do not mistake the lightweight, comfortable profile of this shoe for being weak. The high top design and additional ankle strap give the shoes the necessary stability and support for the ring. A strong focus on ankle support allows the shows to perform under constant movement and rapid change of direction. These shoes are designed with both the gym and the ring in mind so, no matter the environment, they will be a reliable source of both support and comfort. 

Look no further as the Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoe is a top choice for anyone looking to upgrade their footwear in the ring. It is offered on Amazon, is true to size, and can be purchased in blue, red, or black. 

FAQ for Everlast Boxing Shoes

Do Everlast boxing shoes make a difference?

Everlast boxing shoes are not necessary for beginners; however, investing in Everlast boxing shoes will make a significant difference in your performance as you progress in the sport. As boxing shoes are built with stability and comfort in mind, they will allow you far better traction and support in the ring without compromising in categories such as flexibility and weight. A good pair of shoes in one’s gym bag will make all the difference in comfort, speed, agility, and power. 

Do I need Everlast boxing shoes?

While boxing shoes are not required to enter a ring, purchasing a good pair of Everlast is a must for anyone looking to stick with boxing and improve their partner work or competition outcomes. Owning a pair of boxing shoes will help you to increase your mobility and speed without sacrificing support and stability. 

Why are Everlast boxing shoes flat?

Everlast boxing shoes are flat so that you can have the most natural feeling of contact with the floor as possible. This is done so that your shoes in the ring don’t impede your balance or make you any less well grounded. As boxing shoes are supposed to be as lightweight as possible, they use very little cushion material in their sole so that nothing hinders your footwork as you dance around the ring. 

Why do boxers wear high shoes?

High top boxing shoes like the Everlast New High Top boxing shoe, are important for ankle support. The last thing a boxer wants to be worried about while he/she is in the ring is the possibility of rolling an ankle. For this reason, most boxers elect to wear high top shoes for the ankle support they provide. 

Can you walk in Everlast boxing shoes?

Everlast boxing shoes attempt to be as close of an approximation as possible to actual barefoot walking. Due to this, boxing shoes may not be ideal for activities like running wherein your heel is impacting the ground constantly. However, if one is used to barefoot running, wearing boxing shoes will be very similar with a marginal increase in comfort, support, and protection. 

Can you wear Everlast boxing shoes outside?

Everlast boxing shoes are specifically built with the gym and ring in mind so they are not designed for outdoor use. While they allow boxers to stay quick and nimble on their feet, they do not provide great protection outdoors. Outdoor use will cause expedited deterioration of the product and is not recommended.

Everlast Elite High Top Boxing Shoes Review
Everlast Elite High Top Boxing Shoes Review
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