The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for August 2017: TOP 10

Hottest Fight Gear Releases August

August has certainly gone about proving to be one of the best months for bringing about some of the hottest fight gear. Whether you are looking for a new gym bag or a new Gi, we have comprised a list of all the best equipment and gear that you are going to want to get your hands on in order to stay up to date on all of the best martial arts trends that are sure to keep you on your a-game this fall.

TITLE Predator II Boxing Shoes

The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for August

The Title Predator II offers superior mid-length support and are super light to provide boxer’s of all skill levels with an innovative boxing shoe that is quality engineered for support, traction, drive and speed. With the assistance of the Predator II Boxing Shoes, you can be sure that you will be ready to stand up to any attack and are ready to prove your dominance in the ring. The upper area of the shoe offers anatomical contours along with a custom fit for full on support of your entire foot, ankle and even your lower calf.

The Title Predator II provides boxers with a highly enhanced fit and superior lightweight feel. The ankle is even comfort-wrapped to provide you with a spongy-soft fit and overall support. The material of the shoe itself even flexes to fit while expanding with movement in order to ensure that the shoes never thin out. The rubber soles are comprised of a flexible gum rubber which additionally goes on to ensure that the boxer experiences the utmost traction and range of both accuracy and precision. And the full length mesh tongue is padded for comfort while allowing for far better breath ability and air release to ensure that you experience a cooling comfort and faster drying action, keeping your shoes fresher for longer.

Hypnotik ZenRoll Hemp Jiu Jitsu Gi

The Hypnotik ZenRoll Hemp Gi is the latest release from one of the most highly regarded BJJ brands around. The ZenRoll is available in black or white, and is an incredibly comfortable and great looking gi. The hemp material naturally combats against microbes while offering the fighter a more breathable, and eco-friendly gi that is actually 4x stronger than standard cotton, and the hemp blend is actually noted to only get more soft and comfortable with every wash while still maintaining its overall durability. It is a super cost-effective option that is easy to care for and looks amazing. Sure to hold up against any BJJ match.

Hayabusa Mizuchi 2.0 Long Sleeve BJJ Rash Guard

The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for August

Hayabusa is a brand that truly backs its fighters in terms of providing them with only top of the line fight gear. And the Hayabusa Muzuchi 2.0 Limited Edition Rashguard is no different. This unique gray and black dragon design is intensely unique and the rash guard itself is comprised of advanced compression and titanium which greatly assists the fighter in being able to better optimize and regulate their body temperature, along with supporting overall circulation and even being able to maintain maximum muscle function. It is super easy to care for, looks incredible and is very cost effective. If you are in the market for a new long-sleeved rashguard, look no further than the Hayabusa Muzuchi 2.0

RVCA Va Sport Gym Duffle Bag

The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for August

Every fighter needs a gym bag. Preferably one that is breathable and packs a ton of space for all the much-needed essentials. And that is precisely what you will get when you pick up an RVCA VA Sport Gym Duffle Bag. Made up of 100% polyester textile to ensure durability and breathability, this gym bag looks great and is certainly a cut above the rest. The main compartment is comprised of a full zipper across the top for ease in usage and expansion and it additionally boasts additional zippers on the front and sides of the bag itself for extra storage. With custom zipper pulls, tote handles for ease in carrying and even a removable shoulder strap, you really can’t go wrong with this gym bag.

Tatami Essentials Fractal BJJ Rashguard

The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for August

If you are looking for a nonsensical, simple rash guard for training and sparring, then look no further than the Tatami Essentials Fractal Rash Guard. Tatami is one of the most trusted and reliable MMA gear companies in the world who back their fighters with only the finest quality fight gear. The Fractal Rash Guard is a unique design that looks amazing and offers support, comfort and an overall dependable long-sleeved rash guard that is provides fighters with an unmatched fit for any body shape or fighting style. The price is right on this one and you can be sure to be more than happy to add this one to your growing rash guard collection.

Triumph United Tiger 1 Series Pro Muay Thai Shin Guards

The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for August

If you are a Muay Thai fighter, you are undoubtedly going to be in the market for a decent set of shin guards. And if the time has come that you are searching for a pair, be sure to look no further than the Triumph United Muay Thai Shin Guards. Triumph has gone above and beyond with the design of these shin guards to provide Muay Thai fighters with one of the most innovative, sleek and comfortable shin guards that are presently available on the market. They even offer various levels of padding in order to ensure complete shin coverage for safety and reliability. They look incredible and are backed by a widely respected fight gear company, with that being said you can be sure that purchasing the United Tiger 1 Series Pro Muay Thai Shin Guards is going to be one of the best investments that you can make with regards to your fight gear.

Reebok UFC Backpack

The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for August

The officially licensed UFC Backpack by Reebok makes keeping all of your fight gear together and easy to carry a breeze. Measuring 13″ W x 21.7″ H x 7.5″ D with a ton of additional pockets and padded back panel, you can keep your items close by in a manner that is way easier to handle than the more traditional gym bag. The backpack is comprised of antimicrobial lining with an awesome looking camo sublimated artwork around it, and makes for an awesomely convenient alternative to packing all your fight gear from the gym to home.

Fusion FG Batman The Killing Joke BJJ Gi

The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for August

Fans of comics will rejoice when they see this limited edition gi by Fusion Fight Gear. The jacket is comprised of a 520 GSM pearl weave cotton while the pants are 280 gram double twill cotton, both of which make this gi incredibly light yet ultra durable. The interior lining is comprised of a mesh material of which keeps moisture off of your body and absorbs it into your gi to keep you cooler and drier for far longer.  The graphics on the interior of the Joker Jiu-Jitsu Gi is directly from the comic books of the Joker in his manic state as he has just recently risen from the chemical waste bath that led to his deranged state. Only 300 of these are set to be made, so if you are interested, the time is now to get your hands on one!

93 Brand Body Butchers Rash Guard

The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for August

93 Brand’s new “Body Butchers” rash guard is a significantly improved cut that boasts a much smoother overall fit which allows the fighter to experience far less bunching of the material. The super soft 88/12 poly/spandex blend has an incredibly comfortable feel to it and all of the artwork is entirely sublimated and is guaranteed to never fade or crack. The rash guard even boasts superior flexible flatlock stitching abound which offers increased movement and also comes with a longer torso for taller grapplers. Regardless of your skill-set or fight level, this is the perfect rash guard for any fighter.

Shoyoroll Comp Standard XVII Q2 Gi – Sold Out

The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for August

Shoyoroll is a company that is based upon designing innovative and reliable fight gear for their customers. And their Shoyoroll Comp Standard XCII Q2 Gi series is something that fighters of all skill levels can come to agree upon as a gi that is trusted for its overall looks, comfort and durability. When it comes down to making an investment for a genuinely good gi that is going to move with your body in a level of unmatched comfort, you are certainly going to be getting what you pay for, which is precisely why opting for the cheapest option plain and simply is not going to be your best best. Make a good investment and you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy your gi for many years to come, and that is a promise that is backed by Shoyoroll with their Comp Standard XVII Q2 Collection.

Staying up to date on the ever growing world of the best fight gear can most certainly prove to be a daunting task. That is why we have gone about taking the stress out of your tireless searches to share with fighters all of the top fight gear that is available on the market. Stay tuned for next month’s batch!

The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for August 2017: TOP 10
The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for August 2017: TOP 10
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