The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for July

The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for July 2017

It can be super hard to stay current on all of the hottest, top rated trends and new releases of fighting gear. Which is precisely why we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that we take the guesswork out of keeping our readers up to date on all the best looking and most reliable fight gear for all fighting styles.

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From rash guards, Bjj Gis, boxing gloves and more, we’ve got you covered in ensuring that whatever you are in the market for, you can find the best styles all in one place; saving you a ton of time and hassle!

1. Tatami Turtle Guard Rash Guard

Tatami Turtle Guard Rash Guard

You don’t have to be a turtle fan to appreciate the very cool concept behind the Tatami Turtle Guard Rash Guard. The graphics and art on this rash guard are entirely sublimated into the material to ensure that they never crack or peel and the Tatami logo is found on both of the shoulders of uniquely colorful piece. Comprised of a comfortable blend of spandex and polyester that offers support and durability and comes complete with long sleeves to assist in the prevention of bacteria, airborne illness, cuts, and scrapes.

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2. Reebok Combat Leather Boxing Gloves

Reebok Combat Leather Boxing Gloves

Reebok is of course a highly trusted name in the world of combat sports, which is precisely why their Combat Training Gloves are the perfect solution for any form of boxing training from sparring to bag work. These gloves boast the capability to completely conform to your fists natural shape and the plush padding offers complete protection while additionally promoting proper punching technique. Solidly constructed and boasting the classically bold Reebox black and red design, the Reebok Combat Leather Gloves are perfect for any boxing skill level and are available in 10oz, 12oz, 14ox and 16oz.

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3. Hayabusa Jiu Jitsu Kihan Gi

Hayabusa Jiu Jitsu Kihan Gi

Hayabusa is a well-regarded brand name for BJJ practitioners. In fact, they are famous for their ability to create quality BJJ products, which is exactly why their Jiu-Jitsu Gis have proven themselves time and again to be a classic cut above the rest. The latest design that they have to offer is the Kihan Gi, it is available only at in white or black and features Hayabusa’s graphics on both the jacket and the shoulder. It is comprised of 550 GSM Pearl Weave and comes complete with 10 oz. rip-stop pants to ensure overall comfort and durability through any training session.

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4. Scramble Toshi Collection

Scramble Toshi Collection

Scramble is one brand that is always coming up with some of the hottest and most sought after designs for fight gear. And they have definitely gone on to show that there is no stopping them now with regards to their new Toshi Collection line. With styles ranging from rash guards to awesome kimonos, the sleek grey and black designs are the perfect addition to any fighters wardrobe.

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5. Hypnotik Zeus Rash Guard

Hypnotik Zeus Rash Guard

Prepare yourself properly for any style of fighting with the awesome fight wear from Hypnotik. The Zeus Rash Guard provides you with a star themed all-over graphic and light blue accents based on the ancient Greek god, Zeus. The rash guard boasts moisture-wicking comfort along with a super flexible flat lock stitch to ensure extra stretch and overall durability.

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6. RDX Nemesis Boxing Gloves

RDX Nemesis Boxing Gloves

Nemesis’ brand new RDX’s latest Boxing Training Gloves are an awesome addition to an already very cool line of boxing gear. The Nemesis Boxing Gloves are made up of the highest quality of Maya Hide leather to ensure their overall resiliency. Not to mention the fact that the RDX Nemesis Boxing Gloves also come complete with their Quadro-Dome mold, which is sandwiched in between the impact absorbing foam in order to ensure total hand-protection. And with the help of the Cool-X moisture ventilating mesh you will find that cool air actually gets trapped in the design while additionally helping to expel moisture for utter and complete comfort. If you are in the market for a top of the line pair of boxing gloves, without having to pay top of the pricing, these are a perfect match.

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7. The Aggressor GI CTRL Industries

The Agressor Gi by CTRL Industries was inspired by the USAF Aggressor Squadrons whose sole basis for operation is to conduct training scenarios in a better attempt to recreate the overall appearance, tactics and techniques of wartime adversaries. This incredible gi is made up of 100% cotton with a sublimated detail and is comprised of a super light 350 GMS pearl weave top with rip-stop pants both of which are crafted using the highest quality care and construction. If you are liking this gi, be sure to get your hands on one today as these are a one-time run only.

8. Hayabusa T3 Series (Boxing/MMA Gloves, Shin guards, Headgear)

Designed by the in-house team at Hayabusa, the T3 series is the ultimate result of complete innovation and clever design of which is built upon extensive research, heavy duty testing and thorough development. The T3 series is a state of the art design of which boasts the full on capability to train for extended duration’s while also being able to perform way better and strike increasingly harder. Hayabusa T3 gloves come with a pre-curved design for comfort and are made-up of a highly trusted antibacterial fabric. And with the finest closure system that is available on the market today, you can be sure that with the Hayabusa T3 series, you are getting the best available gear, for an unmatched price.

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9. Venum Samurai Skull Boardshorts

Venum Samurai Skull Boardshorts

Venum has outdone themselves once again with this incredible design that boasts remarkable details in the way of a skull wearing Samurai. The Samurai Skull fight short was crafted with the finest quality polyester to provide the fighter with better durability and come complete with side slits to better improve and ensure overall mobility. These fight shorts are also have reinforced seams that provide added support and strength of the shorts themselves while the trademarked Flex-System ™ fabric offers significantly greater freedom of mobility.

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10. Under Armour Armour Shield Mouth Guard with Flavor Blast

Under Armour Armour Shield Mouth Guard with Flavor Blast

Under Armour’s Armour Shield Flavor Blast mouth guard is a mouth guard that is embedded with flavor beads to provide you with long lasting flavor that is available in five great tasting flavors: Pink Fruit Punch, Electric Blue Berry, Hyper Green Cool Mint, Black Bubble Gum and Blaze Orange Orange mint. The Mouth Guard is even backed with a dental warranty of $32,000. Perfect for all fighting styles, the Amour Shield Mouth Guard provides the wearer with the added technology of ArmourPlate™ and Bite Flex™ to give you far more superior impact protection of your jaw, gums and teeth. The mouth guard additionally meets the NFHS regulations and is also latex free making it safe and comfortable for any fighter to take advantage of.

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With so many brand new pieces of fight gear coming out on a daily basis, it can be difficult to try and keep up with all the latest trends and gear that will ensure that you are current with regards to the pieces you want and also the ones that will plain and simply help you out. And that in particular is why we have taken the liberty of saving you the time and hassle having to search out all those items yourself!

The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for July
The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for July
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