How to Become a Boxing Judge: Step-by-Step Guide

This is the complete guide on how to become a boxing judge. We’ve packed this guide with all the information you need to become the professional responsible for judging the results of a boxing match.

Look: Your passion, experience, and expertise in boxing can help you transition from a real fighter to a professional boxing judge. Holding the title means more than having the power to decide who wins a boxing game. You also get a higher pay grade and appreciation from the boxing community.

The requirements for being a boxing judge vary from state to state. You need to have a boxing background with some years of experience in the field. More importantly, you need to take a course to learn all the elements and rules required to make the right judgment in boxing.

This guide looks at how to become a boxing judge in great depth while keeping the language as simple as possible so you get a clear picture of what you need to do to secure such a position.

What Are The Qualifications for a Boxing Judge?

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How to become a boxing judge varies based on your state. The requirement can be as simple as filling out an application form. Some states may require you to fill out the form, complete state-certified training, pass a medical exam, and go through a background check. And regardless of where you come from, you must be physically fit and have an eye for details.

Your state doesn’t have strict requirements when it comes to education and it’s not clear how many years of experience you need to have to become a boxing judge. The most important factor is familiarity. In other words, the people that know about the boxing industry stand the chance to become judges since they can have an easy time advancing their career in the field.

Networking, making fair boxing decisions, and issuing sound judgment for amateur matches can help you advance in your career as a professional judge for champion-level challenges.

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How to Apply to Become a Boxing Judge

Go to your state government’s website and look for information about your state athletic commission. The commission will provide you with an application for becoming a boxing judge in your state.

Complete your application by proving the required information. The information may include your resume, proof of age (in which case you must be 18 years or older), criminal records, and relevant photographs. Depending on your state requirement, you might have to go through a medical examination for your state to be certain that you’re physically fit to handle the job.

Some states will require you to complete a related course or write an exam before approving your application to become a boxing judge.

If you come from Maryland, for example, you’ll have to enroll in a course that teaches elements and all the rules of the boxing sport. Taking the course can go a long way to equip you with the professional knowledge necessary to officiate a boxing game the right way.

It doesn’t end there.

You will need to sit for a test, which will determine whether you have the academic qualification to work as a boxing judge. Don’t worry, the test will be based on what you’ve done in the course you took and the purpose is to determine whether you meet the requirements to work as a judge.

Keep in mind that the test requirements will vary by state. If you’re in Maryland, you need a minimum of 70% to qualify to become a boxing judge.

Do I Need a License to Become a Boxing Judge?

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Whether or not you need a license to become a boxing judge depends on the kind of boxing matches you would like to judge.

You don’t need any certification if you want to be a boxing judge at a local gym near you.

If you’ve applied to become a professional boxing judge, and your intention is to advance from judging amateur matches to professional boxing matches, you should get certification via USA Boxing.

Keep in mind that USA Boxing issues general certification for all the boxing officials. Because they offer multiple levels of certifications based on your experience in the sport, the license can help a great deal in building your resume.

If you’re someone who wishes to become a professional boxing judge the works with professional boxers, you will need to get a license from our state’s Athletic Commission. Moreover, you need to have some experience in the job and sufficient credentials necessary for pro promoters to hire you for pro judging roles.

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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Boxing Judge License?

To get certification via USA boxing, you’ll first have to register as a non-athlete member. The registration cost is $90 and you’ll need to pay an additional $25 for background screening. After the registration, you will take the USA Boxing certification test online through your Local Boxing Committee.

How Do I Start Working as a Boxing Judge?

You will start your career as a boxing judge by issuing judgments in amateur boxing matches. This is the best stage for you to find a mentor who will help you to understand the ins and outs of judging matches.

By combining their mentorship with what you learned in the course you took in the application stage, you’ll gain the judging experience necessary to transition you to the professional boxing level.

It’s important to understand that the state athletic commission-only licenses new boxing judges when there are openings for the positions of judges.

Final Thoughts

Your state will require you to submit an application and processing fee to get started with becoming a boxing judge. However, there’s a very slim chance that you will get employment with minimal or no experience.

So in addition to following the application process to a tee, you should use your professional connection to get helpful insider information on the departure of current referees or expected retirements, especially since becoming a judge is becoming more time-sensitive these days.

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