How To Become a Professional Boxer

If you’re reading this, then you may be considering a career in professional boxing. And that’s great! Boxing is a challenging and exciting sport, and it can be gratifying to achieve success as a professional fighter.

So, how can you become a professional boxer? Life as a professional boxer involves so much more than fighting and winning titles. Most of the time, you’ll be training hard in the gym, improving your strength benefits like agility or speed. You should also develop match strategies – these are plans about how best to win bouts using different tactics such as wrestling technique or defense against punches. Finally: diet! Dieting can increase your endurance level.

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How To Become a Professional Boxer - boxing ebook

In this post, we’ll discuss what it takes to become a professional boxer, and we’ll give you some tips on how to make the most of your training. So if you’re ready to start your journey towards becoming a professional boxer, keep reading.

How To Become a Professional Boxer: The Ultimate Guide

How To Become a Professional Boxer - How To Become a Professional Boxer

The process of becoming a professional boxer is not an easy one. You must first become an amateur and then work your way up in rank through hard-fought matches until you reach that top spot. Here are the steps you can follow to become a professional boxer:

1. Train to Ameliorate Yourself

To be a professional boxer, you need to up your power, speed, defense, and autonomy. The more you fight, the better your reputation will be. If that doesn’t work out for some reason and there’s no other option left but to train – well, then just do what boxers are supposed to: Work hard in training so that when it comes time for fights, everyone knows who is on top.


You’ll be putting up a fight like never before. The best fighters are always on their toes and must defend against an endless series of attacks from all angles. With so many punches per round, your defenses will have to stay on their toes at all times, or else you could get caught by an attack that might knock you out.


It is essential to know the proper technique not only to win but also to have fun. Throwing wild punches will only make your opponent more determined, so it’s best if they are disciplined and controlled with their power until finally throwing one big hook that will make you win a match. You can achieve this by training on power.


As a professional boxer, you’re fighting against opponents that are the fastest and most agile ever. It doesn’t matter how strong or fast they may seem – if you are slower than them, then there’s no way for it to end well for yourself.

This means you need ways to increase your speed, which can only be attained through training.


You need to be on autopilot and react naturally. You don’t have time to think about what you should do next. You just have to react and keep going.

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2. Get a Good Manager

The essential person in launching your professional career is a manager. They are licensed experts who lead and organize all aspects of their clients’ lives, from match-making to contract management, but not only that.

They also have connections with other boxers, which can be helpful for you if looking towards getting sponsored or training under another fighter’s gym banner.

Giving a percentage of your income to managers is standard in most professional boxers, but it’s important that you know what benefits will come with having such an arrangement.

3. Look For a License

You will have to join a professional boxing association (IBF, WBC, or WBA) and get licensed by the commission you’re fighting in.

There’s an acronym for this called “alphabet soup,” because it seems like every new organization is popping up out of nowhere with their own set rules. However, if they don’t suit your fancy there are plenty more options available.

The United States is a Federal Republic, which means that each state has different requirements for eligibility for a license. Some states require you to have been an amateur boxer within the last two years while others question whether you’ve had a manager before.

4. Climb The Ranks

The best way to become a champion is by climbing the ranks, fighting other fighters, and improving your skill. You will have to fight in order for that to happen so find someone who can evaluate if you are skilled or not.

You should also find good opponents with whom you think it would be worthwhile betting on both ends-to see who wins and what happens when your two great competitors finally come face-to-face.

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5. Seek Inspiration From Your Pros

It’s interesting to think about what it means that the media can create such a false perception of reality. We see pictures and videos with professional boxers who are highly charismatic. Still, if you take away their fame, then there isn’t anything special about them at all – other than being an average person living life in general.

This is why you ought to look at your pros so that they give you the inspiration to work even harder. You will feel motivated to continue if your pros are something that gives you a smile.

Five Tips of Becoming a Superstar in Professional Boxing

How To Become a Professional Boxer - How To Become a Professional Boxer1

To become a superstar in professional boxing, it’s unnecessary to meet all the following points, but you’ll want to do your best and try for as many that apply.  The learning curve can be tricky, so here are five quick tips on getting started.

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1. Be Charismatic

How do you make a personality in the ring? You need charisma. Some people just naturally exude it, while others have to develop this quality.

The best way is by being confident without being cocky – having an endearing personality will help even those who dislike your fighting style appreciate how charming and witty of a person you are.

2. Have an Online Presence

Online presence is a must for any fighter to capture the attention of new fans. I mean, seriously, who has time these days? It’s not like you can just throw up an online website and call it good enough anymore.

You can look for a person in your team who knows what they’re doing- with knowledge about social media to work for you. This will improve your online presence effectively.

3. Get a Fanbase

We all know the key to success in professional boxing is building a huge fanbase. If you want to be a star in professional boxing, create an exciting style of fighting that is loved by all.

4. Get a Promoter

Promoters are the heart and soul of any combat sports promotion. They find talent, negotiate deals with media outlets and sanctioning bodies for matches, and work to promote events all over town on behalf of their fighters to maintain credibility within an industry that requires a lot from them, both personally and professionally.

The wrong one can cost you your future opponents too – because promoters aren’t willing to work together if they have different managers representing clients under contract at each other’s venues.

5. Acquire a Management Team

Management teams are an important part of any sports player’s life. You want to find the right one for you so that they can help guide your future career moves and put together good matches, but it may be difficult without research on their past successes or failures in managing boxers previously.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Become a Professional Boxer?

Boxers are always in peak physical condition, so it only takes about 1–3 years to become one if you’re reasonably athletic and coordinated. You’ll need a good trainer who knows how to fight professionally and can train with them for four days straight before you become a professional boxer.

How Much Does a Starting Professional Boxer Make?

The median salary for a professional boxer is $51,370 not as high as one might expect. This means that half the professional boxers competing today earn less than this amount and could be an option to consider if you’re looking at going professional.

How Many Fights Do You Need To Go Pro in Boxing?

The recommendation for anyone thinking about becoming a professional fighter is to have at least ten amateur fights. You must do the tournament, too, since it’s different from any other experience with fighting professionally.

What Age Can You Become a Professional Boxer?

There is no age limit for professional boxing. If you can get your hands licensed by the state athletic commissions, they will let you fight in their league. Some lifelong pros fight into their 50s while others don’t.


You can become a professional boxer if you want to. I know it sounds like the hardest thing in the world, but some steps will help get you started on your way.

Train hard and find yourself a good manager who knows how to climb ranks through boxing tournaments, and they’ll be able to guide you along until you’re an inspiration for other aspiring boxers out there.

Follow these tips and don’t give up; you might just surprise yourself with what kind of talent is inside of you waiting to come out.

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