How To Get into MMA: A Complete Guide to Mindset & Gear

In recent times a lot of people are looking for exercises to help them get fit and this can include yoga, going to the gym, and much more. However, if you’re looking for a sport that can help you lose weight, get toned, and work your overall body, MMA is the perfect choice for you. This sport includes strength training and conditioning that not only lowers chronic diseases but helps improve your coordination and balance. 

If you’re looking to start MMA but aren’t sure how to go about it or what equipment to buy, then here is a guide to everything you need to know before you consider joining MMA training. 

Boost your fitness and learn new skills with MMA

Whether you have heard about UFC fights or seen people practice MMA on social media, Mixed Martial Arts is fairly common and a lot of people take it up to boost their strength and endurance as well as learn self-defense and even tone their body. This sport is a combination of punching, kicking, holding, throwing, and striking a competitor down to the floor. Your coach will teach you everything you need to know from defending yourself, attacking, punching, taking down, and gaining control over an opponent to protect yourself. This sport is exciting and each day you learn something new. The MMA match usually continues until one opponent is knocked down or it’s declared over by the coach or referee. 

Encourage, empower and entertain – Getting into MMA

When it comes to joining Mixed Martial Arts, you need to first define your goals and needs and what you hope to gain from the experience. There are so many different types of martial arts and while some focus on self-defense, others are quite challenging and not meant for the faint-hearted. This sport is designed to push your limit and help you enhance your stamina as well as tone your body. 

MMA includes different core areas such as stand-up fighting where you fight using your feet, hands, knees, or elbows like Muay Thai, Boxing, or Kick Boxing. The second one can involve a lot of grappling and certain techniques to gain leverage such as Judo or even Jiu-Jitsu and the last one is mainly ground-based like wrestling. Since each MMA category has its form and focus area, you need to pick out one that best meets your needs. 

Self-Defense that Works – Understanding the components of MMA

How To Get into MMA: A Complete Guide to Mindset & Gear - How To Get into MMA 1

When it comes to Mixed Martial Arts there are three components that you need to understand, since each one can help you excel better at the sport. 


Certain MMA styles like Boxing and Muay Thai allow only the use of powerful strikes, this can be through kicking, punching, or both. If you are looking to train in this sport you need to focus on at least two of these skills to gain good learning and mastery over the sport. 


This technique focuses more on wrestling, Judo, and even Sambo which are all done on the floor and were proved to be very effective for ground fighting. Almost all MMA techniques in this style focus on submission and positional control including leg locks and body positions that are mainly meant for short-span fights. 

Stand-up grappling (takedown)

Grappling in the standup position focuses mainly on pinning the opponent to the floor and this style is widely used in wrestling, Muay-Thai, Sambo, and many more. This technique has been used by MMA champions and is considered to be highly effective in mixed martial arts as it combined the most effective traits of various techniques and helps you to develop a fighting system that is complete in all aspects. 

Start your MMA training with these world-class beginner tips 

Here are some tips you need to keep in mind before investing in this sport.

Always do your research

MMA is no joke and if you are planning on joining this training you need a good coach that is dedicated, trained, passionate and skilled and will show you the right movements, and combat style and even draw up a game plan for you. Look for a studio that offers a trial period so that you can get a feel of the sport and pick one that best meets your needs. The studio should also have the best equipment and features so that you can train and have fun along the way.

Understand what you need to do

Once you’ve found a studio you need to ensure that you are prepared to fight, speak to your coach if you have a low fitness level or no experience so that they can help you build this before you start to fight. This will include warmups, cardio, HIIT, and much more along with strength and conditioning that can take a lot out of you but will help you in a safer way going forward.

Don’t give up easily

MMA can be fun and rewarding, help you tone your body, and improve your level of self-defense. However, it can be challenging in the beginning. You will be required to fight for 25 minutes at a stretch sometimes along with warmups and many techniques that take a lot of brain and physical power. 

Along with understanding techniques like sparring and grappling you also need to anticipate your opponent’s next move and so you need to think ten steps ahead. However, the more you practice the better you get. 

First time MMA? Here’s the Gear you need to carry

How To Get into MMA: A Complete Guide to Mindset & Gear - How To Get into MMA

Since mixed martial arts is a combat sport you will require special gear to help protect you from any injuries. This includes a range of items that you need to carry and wear.

The right MMA apparel

Your apparel for this sport needs to be loose, breezy, and comfortable preferably shorts and a t-shirt or a tank top along with the right shoes. Support is very essential in this sport and you need to pick your apparel correctly so that you can be comfortable and focus on your fight. You will also need to carry a pair of mma gloves with you that are of high quality and offers strong wrist protection as well as fit your hands perfectly. 

Mouth guard

While you are just beginning and training alone you may not require a mouth guard. However, once you start grappling or fighting with an opponent, a mouth guard is very essential to protect your mouth and teeth.

Groin and shin protector

Just like a mouth guard, a groin and shin protector are only required when you are training with a partner or fighting. While there are so many different types of protectors out there, you need to look for one that you are the most comfortable with and that stays in place and doesn’t move around. 

Remember how important these protectors are and if they slip out of place you could get seriously hurt. A shin protector is also needed to protect your legs and allow you to defend and attack, it can also safeguard your body from serious fractures. Most MMA coaches will not allow you to practice or spar without all the training equipment. 

Looking to Get Started?

MMA can be a fun and interesting way to get in shape, defend yourself and learn one of the most widely used and effective martial art techniques in the world. Always opt for programs that are easy to follow, effective, and progressive as well as skilled coaches that are champions and have trained properly in the art. Like any contact sport, if you choose the wrong instructor or class, there is a certain amount of risk involved and so always ensure that you learn in a safe environment with the correct gear.

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