How to Wrap Hands for MMA (Muay Thai, Boxing & Kickboxing)

Whether you are just starting in the MMA world, an avid fighting champion, or even looking to train, wrapping your hands is essential in combat training.

It can help you stay safe while punching, throwing, and grappling and even allow you to grasp your opponent better. However, it can lead to serious injuries during rigorous training sessions and in combat if not tied properly. 

Here is a guide to help you wrap your hands properly and explain why it’s so essential for this sport.

How to Wrap Hands for MMA

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Place loop on thumb

  2. Wrap 3 times around the wrist

  3. Go 2-3 times around the palm of your hand/knuckles.

  4. Go between each finger, starting from the pinky. Go around the wrist after each finger.

Video guide to wrapping hands for MMA

Tips to wear your wrist wraps properly 

Here are some methods to wrap your wrist for each type of MMA technique. 


If you have taken up boxing, your hand wrap needs to be focused on covering and adding support to your fingers, knuckles, and wrist. This means investing in a good hand wrap with a Velcro strip, you can start by wrapping your wrist three times and keep your fingers spread, allowing the band to pass around your fingers and knuckles. Once this is done, make a final loop around your knuckles and wrist and seal the Velcro.  This will offer you extra protection when punching.

Muay Thai style

When it comes to Muay Thai, you need to focus on your knuckles and wrist and choose a lighter, thinner, and more flexible hand wrap for quick moves and extra power. When you wrap your hand, focus more on your knuckles and wrist so that you can safely and confidently hit the bag without getting injured. Keep in mind to avoid wrapping your hands so tight that you cut off the blood flow as this can lead to headaches, dizziness, and even fainting, it should be secure, not tight or loose. 

Lastly, always invest in high-quality, premium wraps made from a breathable fabric that won’t hurt, blister, or itch. You can ask your coach to recommend one or even check online for something you like. 

Reasons to wrap your hands for MMA

How to Wrap Hands for MMA (Muay Thai, Boxing & Kickboxing) - How to Wrap Hands for MMA

It lowers the risk of injury

While many may think that fractures, sprains, or muscle pulls are relative to only boxing, this isn’t the case. Often in mixed martial arts, a lot of sparring and hand strikes are used, and if your hands aren’t wrapped properly, it can sprain or fracture the tiny bones in your hand and even lead to wrist injuries. Trained fighters use a lot of force when punching or sparring, which can lead to havoc on your unprotected hand. Even if you practice a lot, wrist wraps can help you recover faster from an injury and prevent serious accidents. 

How to Wrap Hands for MMA (Muay Thai, Boxing & Kickboxing) - How to Wrap Hands for MMA 1

It allows you to focus and hit harder

By using a wrist wrap, you are compressing your hand into a tighter fist, which means that you will not only feel less pain while punching or sparring, but it allows you to hit harder and be more focused.

Hand wraps take more pressure and force away from the hand and protect your fingers, allowing you to strike with maximum and greater force. 

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The Takeaway

Wrapping your hands is essential for any combat sport and can help you stay safe, go for hours at an end and protect your hands, joints, bones, and muscles. While combat sport is all about being tough and calculated, a lot of it is also staying safe and defending yourself.

So it’s essential to invest in the right attire and equipment and take the time to experiment with different wraps until you find the ideal one.

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