MMA Pack Unboxing, Review and Coupon Code


A new online shopping experience has popped up recently, the subscription box service.  I have seen a ton of subscription box services, clothing, supplements, wine, knives, survival tools, hunting supplies, even seeds to plant in a garden.  What these subscription box services strive to do is provide customers a variety of products that they choose every month, for much less money than you would spend going out to buy each individual piece.

So it would make sense that somebody would do a fight gear box, right?  I thought that for quite a while but never heard of anything, until a month ago when I stumbled across MMA Pack online.  I checked their website and Instagram, and then quickly signed up for the subscription service.  I spoke with Jeremy Klar, the owner of MMA Pack, and he clued me in on what to expect each month as well as his future plans for the service.  He was gracious enough to give MMA Gear Addict readers 20% off the first box, just use the code MMAGEARADDICT while checking out.

I asked Jeremy a few questions about the MMA Pack service, here is our conversation:

GB: What can a subscriber expect when signing up for MMA Pack? What are some types/brands of gear a subscriber gets with MMA Pack?

JK: Our goal is to provide $100 worth of gear for $40. In terms of what is in the pack, we work with both large brands that everyone knows (like Torque/Tatami), but also want to give visibility to a lot of the smaller brands out there so our subscribers get a unique mix of gear that really highlights the combat sports community. We also try to give our subscribers a variety of what is in the pack, from casual gear, training gear, supplements and accessories, we vary it month to month so each pack feels useful and new. That’s also why each first time subscriber gets a letter from me asking them to reach out with feedback, good and bad, to constantly improve the experience. We love our customers and want to make sure what we provide gets better for them each month.

GB: Do you realize you are the first fight gear subscription service?

JK: That’s awesome, but I care much more about being the only one fighters need. MMA is an amazing art that made me a better person. Competing, training and learning these arts has taught me so much about life. I just want to give back to the combat sports community. Going out and seeing somebody in a mma/bjj shirt, I know we’re going to get along because we work hard the same ways. I love showing off that I train, but was sick of paying so much to do it, which is how MMAPack started.

MMA Pack Unboxing, Review and Coupon Code
MMA Pack Unboxing, Review and Coupon Code
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Greg has been a student of multiple disciplines of martial arts since 2010. He is a former amateur kickboxing champion, and an avid fight gear enthusiast.

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