Preparing For War: The Gear Which Conor McGregor Will Carry Into the Ring

Conor McGregor Fight Gear

The most anticipated sporting event of 2017, Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor, is set to go down on August 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada

As we steadily approach what will be the surely highest grossing combat sports event of all time, anticipation continues to accelerate.

Floyd Mayweather Jr, undoubtedly the most talented boxer of his generation, faces Mixed Martial Arts superstar Conor McGregor in a battle for the ages. The bout is expected to generate an approximate $700 million with forecasts of a record-breaking 5 Million pay-per-view buys forecasted

Mayweather, 40, has dominated boxing’s pay-per-view events over the past decade since defeating ring legend Oscar De La Hoya in 2007. The Grand rapids-native is expected to hit total career earnings of a staggering $1 Billion Dollars off the back of the super fight against the UFC lightweight champion on Aug. 26.

McGregor, on the other hand, has yet again silenced critics and detractors by successfully landing a fight with the boxing legend. Having earned in excess of $34 million dollars in his time with the UFC, the Irishman has 4 out of the 5 highest grossing pay-per-view events to his name. The cocky, braggadocious nature of the UFC lightweight champion (in addition to his all-action fighting style) has transformed him from a frustrated welfare-claiming talent on the European circuit to the biggest name in MMA.

While the often baffling theatrics of the Mayweather vs. McGregor four-city press tour provided an abundance of viral videos and soundbites, it has been tension inside the 29-year-old’s fight camp which has dominated headlines recently. Retired two-time boxing world champion Paulie Malignaggi, who coincidentally works as a commentator for Showtime Sports, was drafted by the former two weight UFC world champion ahead of the bout.

Malignaggi, who was brought in under the auspices of mimicking Mayweather’s movement, departed his role as sparring partner following a public spat relating to a photo released by McGregor’s team. The Brooklyn-native was seemingly offended by an image which showed him on his back while the impression given by McGregor was that it was a hard shot which had dropped him. “Magic Man” strongly refuted this claim, arguing that it was a “push down” and not a clean hit which was responsible for him hitting the deck. UFC President Dana White recently released an edited version of a video capturing the incident, but observers still debate who has the more credible account.

While the general consensus favors a Mayweather win, others argue that McGregor’s power, awkward style, southpaw stance and unpredictable angles of attack could prove to be a handful for the boxing luminary. On Wednesday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission approved a request from both camps to use 8 oz gloves over the regulatory standard 10 oz in accordance with a junior-middleweight contest. Once again, many will argue that smaller gloves will make for an advantage to the Irishman.

While the gloves which Conor McGregor will don inside the ropes may make a considerable difference to the fight, they will certainly look the part. McGregor is expected to wear custom-made green, white and gold Grant gloves with “The Notorious” emblazoned on them (as seen in the photo above via Instagram). Mayweather will have his own custom-designed gloves also provided by Grant.

McGregor will have undoubtedly dedicated the majority of his time since December to boxing and getting used to fighting in larger gloves. The 8 oz Grant Professional boxing gloves are leaders in the sport, with a high number of fighters choosing them. Sergey Kovalev, Gennady Golovkin and, of course, Floyd Mayweather all swear by the Grant Professional brand.

The inner padding is neither over soft or too stiff and with meticulous attention to the support on the wrist area, will benefit McGregor’s punching style. While these gloves are good for fighters who have had hand problems in the past (like Mayweather) the fact that Golovkin and Kovalev use them (two of the hardest hitters in the sport) should stand testament to their protective qualities on the hands.

In contrast to the dark green and black Reebok shorts which he wore in his 13-second knockout of Jose Aldo in 2015, or the incredible black and white against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, McGregor is set for a change. As with his gloves, it is expected that Grant will provide Irish-themed boxing shorts to the Dubliner.

As the fight is set to take place inside the squared circle, McGregor has no obligation to wear the UFC’s Reebok designed uniform. There is a suggestion that the boxing debutant could use Reebok boots, but this is yet to be confirmed. The Reebok “Buck” boots which McGregor wore in his recent open workout would certainly add a touch of class to his fight outfit. The boots will also provide stability via the ankle strap design and flexibility, given the rubber outsole.

Conor McGregor Fight Gear

Screenshot via TheMacLife productions

When all has been said and done, it is inside the ropes where the battle for supremacy will be fought. A war like no other, this fight will truly separate once and for all, the king of combat sports. Mayweather, the defensive master and elusive genius will take on the sublimely gifted UFC knockout artist.

Will Mayweather make history in becoming the first boxer to reach a tally of 50-0, or can McGregor do the seemingly impossible and once again shake up the world?

Preparing For War: The Gear Which Conor McGregor Will Carry Into the Ring
Preparing For War: The Gear Which Conor McGregor Will Carry Into the Ring
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