Best Punching Bag for Kids

When it comes to combat sports like MMA, boxing, and Muay Thai, many strategies and techniques need to be learned at an early age and one of the best ways to train strength and discipline in children is to use a punching bag. The best punching bag for kids will not only train them on various techniques but will also help them improve their power, distance, and timing.

With so many punching bags on the market, picking the right one is essential to help your little ones get the proper form, enhance their punching and kicking power and use their body strength to build a foundation that will result in a quicker, stronger, and more balanced fighter. If you are on a mission to get a punching bag for your kids then there are certain factors to consider.

Unlike adults, kids tend to get distracted easily and require a punching bag which is not only challenging but visually pleasing as well. Find out what your kids like and then mix and match their favorites to get the best punching bag. Here are some of the best quality punching bags for kids to look for.

Best Overall
Best Punching Bag for Kids - Gads Free Standing Inflatable Punching Bag
Premium quality PVC for strength and resilience
Perfectly sized for kids and built to last
Free-standing with bounce back for seamless skills and moves
Comes with a complimentary patch kit
Excellent customer care service for any issues
Durable and lightweight
Great Return on Investment
Best Punching Bag for Kids - Shark Design Punching Bag
Constructed from harmless PVC to absorb shock and impact
High-quality seal splicing technology for safety
Easy to set up, deflate and store
Comes with a fun friendly design for younger kids
Aids speed, coordination, flexibility and is a great workout tool
Suitable for training punches and kicks even indoors
Best for Training and Strengthening
Best Punching Bag for Kids - EZGETOP Bounce Back Punching Bag
Perfectly sized for both kids and adults
Constructed with high-quality, leak-proof PVC for durability and longevity
Comes with a bonus foot pump and patch
Can be easily carried anywhere and set up
A special bounce-back action ideal for training reflexes and coordination

Editor’s Pick and Things to Consider When Buying the Best Punching Bag for Kids

When it comes to any combat sports from MMA to karate or Muay Thai your child’s safety and happiness is the most important thing along with training them to be disciplined and coordinated. When looking at punching bags, our editors felt that certain things like durability, design, functionality, setup, and budget need to be taken into account along with being easy to carry on the go.

It goes without saying but you need to consider all the factors before purchasing a punching bag for your child along with a wide range of information, reviews, and opinions that our team has put together for you to make choosing the right punching bag a whole lot easier.

As without other buyer guides, our free-standing punching bag for kids reviews is based on the assumption that your child will use their punching bag daily for training, exercise, coordination, skill, and more but not for professional or competitive training. These bags are ideal to train your little ones for more specialist training along with their coaches or any other specific purpose. On that note, it’s now time to start looking at some of the best punching bags for kids in the market.

Top 8 Best Punching Bags for Kids

1. Gads Free Standing Inflatable Punching BagVII

Gads free-standing inflatable punching bag allows your kids to level up their karate or MMA practice and training sessions for all ages. This bag is constructed from high-quality safe and durable PVC material for strength and resilience and allows you to dropkick, hook kick and even punch it to release stress and build confidence. These punching bags are tough and are built to last. They can easily take on daily wear and tear without giving way. Gads punching dummy for kids comes at a height of roughly 62 inches which is ideal to train at home or even in the gym and trains your kids for combat sports like boxing, MMA, karate, and Muay Thai as well as develops their skills the right way.

This punching bag is great to get your kids through hours of practice and padded and comes with a free bonus patch kit for increased comfort and flexibility. They also have a dedicated customer care service for any complaints.

  • Durable and resilient for a variety of combat sports and practices
  • Free-standing with bounce back to perfect skills and moves
  • Perfect height of 62 inches for both adults and kids
  • Tough and durable PVC material for shock absorption
  • Comes with a free bonus patch kit
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Great for long-term use
  • Comes in only one color
  • Might be too soft for kids who practice kickboxing
  • Not ideal in apartments with sound-sensitive neighbors

2. Shark Design Punching Bag

The Rovtop shark design punching bag for kids is a great way to burn off energy or to practice their martial arts and combat skills. It has an adjustable base so you can increase it as your kid grows which is ideal for younger kids. This kids punching dummy bag comes with an anti-slip bottom and a secure grip and is crafted from tough and durable PVC material to ensure that it stays inflated for a long time. Its fun and friendly shark design is visually appealing to the younger audience and makes training and exercising fun, this bag also has a stitching line for added reinforcement and can withstand daily wear and tear as well as the punches your kids give it.

Parents love this punching bag as it’s super easy and versatile to set up, deflate and store away and helps to enhance your little one’s speed, agility, flexibility while also teaching them hand-eye coordination.

  • Durable and tough PVC material with high-quality seal splicing for shocks and impacts
  • Easy to set up, deflate, and store
  • Fun shark printed design and shape for younger children
  • Built-in adjustable height suitable for different ages
  • Equipped with anti-slip bottom and a secure and firm grip
  • Excellent value for money
  • Helps with speed, flexibility, training, and coordination
  • Can only be used indoors owing to its inflatable nature
  • In winter, very cold the water at the bottom can freeze and damage the material

3. EZGETOP Bounce Back Punching Bag

EZGETOP bounce back punching bag is a great workout for indoor and outdoor spaces and can keep you fit at work, at the gym, or even at home. This punching bag is constructed from premium quality and leak-proof PVC to ensure durability, toughness, and longevity. It has a two-layer sealing and valve to protect against air and water leakage and will always stay upright after being hit. This kids free standing punching bag can absorb shocks and impacts while improving coordination, flexibility, agility, and relieving stress altogether and is great for combat training for your little ones.

It’s the ideal size for kids and adults and comes with a handy foot pump and patch so that you can easily set it up, deflate and store it when required.

  • High-quality, leak-proof PVC to absorb heavy shocks and impacts
  • Perfect adjustable size for kids and adults
  • Comes with a handy foot pump and patch for easy installation
  • No hanging required
  • Designed with bounce-back action for both punching and kicking
  • Can help improve training reflexes, concentration, and hand-eye coordination
  • Only works on smooth floors like marble, tile, wood, or vinyl
  • A bit costlier than other options

4. Freestanding Boxing Punching Bag

The Apoaa freestanding boxing punching bag is great for handling punching and strikes and is made with high-impact PVC on the outside and inner seal splicing to withstand shocks and impacts. This child punch bag comes in a bright red and black shade which makes it better for training or playing and the rounded base makes it moveable so that your child can explore a whole range of motion, punches, kicks, and strikes. This punching bag base comes empty so you can decide whether you want to fill it with sand or water.

Apoaa provides an 18-month assurance and zero risk purchase along with a hundred percent excellent customer care service.

  • Constructed from thick and durable PVC with inner sealing splicing
  • Designed to improve coordination, flexibility, and training at home
  • Has a wide more stable base to absorb shocks and impacts
  • Excellent customer case and an 18-month assurance
  • Easy to install and options for filling.
  • Limited color and design
  • Powerful kicks could easily topple the punching bag
  • The PVC cover may tear faster than a leather cover.

5. High Standing Punching Bag for MMA

EagleStone high standing punching bag for MMA is made from high-quality, eco-friendly PVC material which is durable, flexible, and resilient against impact and blows. This along with the inner sealing slicing of the bag makes it tough for daily use and a smooth surface to protect your skin against injury. This punch bag for children has a PET safety valve and a two-layer sealing so that air and water don’t leak out. It’s ideal for training or combat sports along with releasing stress and pent-up energy for your little ones. The inflatable bag comes along with a set of boxing gloves that are comfortable, lightweight, and durable and has undergone numerous safety testing procedures.

This punching bag is great for both indoor and outdoor use and great for young boxers, MMA athletes, and kickboxers.

  • Constructed from high-quality, eco-friendly PVC that offers high shock absorption
  • Two-layer sealing and PET safety valve to protect against air and water leakage
  • Ideal for practicing martial arts, kicking and punching as well as boxing
  • Come with a set of comfortable, lightweight, and durable boxing gloves
  • Easy to set up, use, and can be carried anywhere on the go.
  • Only available in one color and design
  • Could be knocked over with a powerful kick or punch.

6. Whoobli Adjustable Punching Bag

The Whoobli adjustable punch bags for toddlers come with everything you need to get your child to start training with boxing and other combat sports. This set also comes with a free pump and a pair of lightweight and comfortable boxing gloves for kids. The great thing about this punching bag is that it’s tough and made of PU leather to take impacts and blows easily and has an adjustable height along with a carry handle to make transporting around easier. It’s safe for your little ones as compared to handing bands and allows them to increase their concentration and agility to safely build their boxing time and speed.

This bag is ideal for younger children and has a weighted base that’s tough and won’t fall over easily.

  • Constructed from PU leather which offers high shock and impact absorption.
  • Improves concentration and agility which is important for combat sports
  • Comes with a pair of cool boxing gloves and a free pump
  • Easy set-up, has an adjustable height and a carry handle for convenient maneuvering
  • Ideal for kids of all ages
  • Excellent customer service care for any issues
  • Only available in one color and design
  • Ordinary build quality that may not last long

7. EQARD Free Standing Boxing Bag

EQARD free-standing boxing bag is constructed from a high-quality durable PVC material that’s tested to be leak-proof. This little kid punching bag can be used anywhere from indoors to outdoors and even carried on the go. It’s great for traveling, camping and has a fairly easy set-up and installation process. This inflatable bag is non-heavy, 62 inches high, and quite thick and resilient for shock and impact absorption.

You have an option of either filling the valves with air using your air pump or even filling it with water depending on what’s handy.

  • Ideal for training, combat practice, or burning off pent-up energy
  • Thick and durable PVC material for high shock absorption
  • An option to fill the base with water, sand, or air.
  • Fastest customer service response within 12 hours
  • Larger diameter for striking and a 360-degree bounce back
  • Comfortable and light on your joints.
  • If the winters are cold, the water at the base could freeze and damage the material

8. JAXBOX Inflatable Punching Bag

JAXBOX inflatable punching bag is a great choice when it’s not feasible for you to hang a punching bag at home. This free-standing youth heavy bag is constructed with high-quality, durable synthetic leather and can handle front kicks, full punches, roundhouse kicks, and much more. This bag has special shock absorbers to reduce noise and vibrations along with suction cups on the bottom to keep the bag stable even on smooth surfaces.

Unlike heavy punching bags, set-up is fairly easy and it comes in a beautiful box which is ideal for gifting.

  • Easy setup, leak-proof, lightweight and portable
  • Tough and durable PVC leather for high shock absorption
  • Ideal for training for taekwondo, karate, and martial arts combat
  • Comes in a well-designed box for gifting and is available in 2 shades
  • Has reinforced double heated seams for a long-lasting performance
  • The base does not come filled

Things You Should Consider When Purchasing the Best Punching Bags for Kids

When looking for punching bags for kids, you need to make sure that you have the right material and equipment. When it comes to a youth boxing bag never compromise the boxing gloves and wraps for your child – while also ensuring that they fit properly.

If your child plans on kicking their hanging bags invest in the special shin or facial equipment to keep them safe and injury-free. While set up is important, make sure the brand has a dedicated customer care team for any issues or replacements and has a choice of installation from water, air, or sand.  A reliable and tough punching bag that comes with gloves and safety accessories can save you the headache of separately buying one.

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Our team of editors also thought that adjustable bags were important as this is something your child can use as they grow and is a great investment for your little combat training fans. Here are some of the things you need to consider.


When it comes to age-appropriate punching bags for kids, younger kids need to start with a smaller bop bag with a stand while older kids can transition to a heavier speed bag. It’s important to pick a punching bag that is tough but also smooth and can be adjusted as your kids grow up. Also make sure that the bag material and air, water, and sand valves are sealed to not cause any accidents.

Size and weight

While speed bags or kids punching bags are better for smaller spaces, consider your home first. If you have a dedicated gym or exercise room then investing in a bigger bag with a stand can be ideal. But if you reside in an apartment, look for a smaller, portable, and easy-to-carry bag that can be set up and deflated easily. You’ll also want to consider the level of noise as hanging bags can make a lot of ruckus in a building – instead, check for bags that absorb noise and shock as well as impact. Most parents prefer bags with adjustable height that grow along with their child.

Material and design

A kids heavy bag is designed in various ways and it all depends on how energetic your child is and how they use it. Punching bags with a good spring back action which have a bull’s eye design and other targets are great for older kids that have a lot of energy and are looking to kick, punch, train in combat and martial art skills as well as excel in agility, speed, hand-eye coordination and more. Pick designs that are colorful, attractive, and durable that can withstand any force or kick.

In Conclusion

When it comes to investing in the right punching bag, always look for something durable and tough that can withstand impacts but also smooth as to not hurt your child. Insist on boxing gloves and other accessories if kids start at an early age.

Nowadays, most kids that start combat training and skills young have a better advantage over someone that starts in high school. The bags listed above are some of the best in the market and you should consider buying one for your little one.

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