Ranks & Points Explained

Below you can find the MMA Gear Addict ranks and the required points for a specific rank:

    Black Belt 5th Dan Black Belt 5th Dan 35,000 – 39,999Black Belt 4th Dan Black Belt 4th Dan 30,000 – 34,999Black Belt 3rd Dan Black Belt 3rd Dan 25,000 – 29,999Black Belt 2st Dan Black Belt 2st Dan 20,000 – 24,999Black Belt Black Belt 1st Dan 15,000 – 19,999Brown Belt Brown Belt 10,000 – 14,999Purple Belt Purple Belt 7,000 – 9,999Blue Belt Blue Belt 4,500 – 6,999Green Belt Green Belt 2,500 – 4,499Orange Belt Orange Belt 1,000 – 2,499Yallow Belt Yellow Belt 300 – 999White Belt White Belt 0 – 299

The following chart lists the amount of experience points for each action:

Points for site visit10-
Points for becoming a member10-
Points for logging in1Maximum once per day
Points for new Post100No limit
Points for updating profile1No limit
Points for removing profile update1No limit
Points for new avatar1No limit
Points for new cover photo1No limit
Points for added a post like2Maximum 10 times per day
Points for click on share button5Maximum 20 times per day
Points for referring a visitor1Maximum 100 times per day
Points for referring a new member50Maximum 10 times per day
Points for Approved Comment10Maximum 1 times per post and Maximum 10 times per day
Points for viewing a post1Maximum 10 times per day
Points for viewing Coupons1Maximum 10 times per day

Writers get 100 points for every 100 words. 

The easiest way to gain points is writing reviews and sharing content.

Every page has share buttons. Your referral code will be used automatically if you are logged in.

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