RDX Boxing Training Gloves

They're not a bad glove for the price. However I would not recommend them for a seasoned boxer due to lack of protection.
6.8/10 (Expert Score)
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Protection and Padding

When looking for bag gloves, protection is the most important trait I’m interested in. A hand injury can ruin the career of a boxer so I need as much protection as possible when training. The RDX boxing training gloves boasts that they have memory foam padding to protect the knuckles. When I first read this, I thought it sounded like a genius idea that would help me to prevent injury. After my first punch, I immediately changed my mind. Memory foam is not a good material for boxing gloves, at least not the foam RDX used. It felt as if there was no padding at all. I did try the gloves a few times, hoping maybe I just wasn’t used to how they felt. However every time I hit a bag with these gloves I was tentative to hit hard because they just did not have enough protection.

Comfort and Design

I like the look of these gloves. The orange is a nice change in color that you don’t often see in boxing. The wrists are longer than most boxing gloves. Instead of stopping less than half the distance between your wrist and elbow, like most gloves, these came almost all the way to my elbow. It was strange at first, but overall didn’t bother me much. I let another boxer use try the gloves and the length of the wrist really bothered him.

Quality and Durability

 Although I have only used the gloves a few times, they have been used by others in my gym over the last month. So far, they have held up well. They appear to be well made and should last awhile. Especially considering the price of the gloves, they should last long enough to be worth the money.


I found these gloves for $45.99 on the website. These are an inexpensive gloves, to say the least. For what you get, it is a good price. I would recommend these for a beginner or a child that doesn’t require as much protection. However I’m hesitant to recommend for a child because of the size of the glove. It may be too large for a child’s arm.

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6.8 Total Score
RDX Boxing Training Gloves

They're not a bad glove for the price. However I would not recommend them for a seasoned boxer due to lack of protection.

Protection & Padding
Comfort & Design
Quality & Durability
  • unique design and color
  • strong stitching
  • quality material
  • large wrist strap
  • insufficient padding and protection
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We thank the nice people at RDX Sports for providing us with RDX Boxing Training Gloves. This did not influence the outcome of the review, which was written after one month of training.

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RDX Boxing Training Gloves
RDX Boxing Training Gloves
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