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Adidas Combat Speed 4 Wrestling Shoes

Combat Speed 4 DealsSee More DealsThe Adidas Combat Speed wrestling shoes have been my favorite wrestling shoes that I have ever owned. I have coached high school wrestling for 11 years, and I spent a large amount of my youth wrestling. I ...

Adidas Adistar Boxing Gloves Overview

This item hasn't been reviewed by our team yet. If you own Adidas Adistar Boxing Gloves, you can leave your review bellow or if you would like to be one of MMA Gear Addict authors, please get in touch with us.

Adidas Box Hog 2 Boxing Shoes Overview

Adidas Box Hog 2 DealsSee More DealsOverview Adidas is undoubtedly one of the most trusted athletic companies on the planet. Which is precisely why when athletes see the name they can pretty must be guaranteed that the product ...

Adidas Mat Wizard 3 JS

The signature men's wrestling shoe of John W. Smith (Olympic medalist) the AdidasĀ®'s Mat Wizard III John Smith features a TPU chassis to help provide better stability for your ankle, while also providing an EVA substructure that boasts superior ...

Adidas Adistrike John Smith

The Adidas Men's AdiSTRIKE John Smith Wrestling Shoe Mesh, are super reliable shoes for the wrestler in your life. Long-lasting and made-up of synthetic and suede, with a breathable tongue that includes wings for glove-like fit. The lace cover is ...

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