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Cleto Reyes Professional Boxing Gloves

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Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop 200″ Handwraps Overview

Cleto Reyes is a super trusted name brand when it comes to martial arts equipment. And these Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Protection Handwraps certainly seem to be everything they boast and more. These hand wraps offer the fighter essential hand and ...

Cleto Reyes Curved Punch Mitts Overview

The Cleto Reyes Curved Punch Mitts are handcrafted in Mexico and are made-up of 100% leather. These punch mitts are uniquely developed with breathable air holes in the finger covers in order to ensure cool, dry and hassle-free work-out sessions. The ...

Cleto Reyes Cheek Protection Headgear Overview

The Cleto Reyes Headgear with Cheek Protection, is manufactured from a super comfortable cowhide and latex foam padding. It provides a three point anatomical fit with a convenient hook and loop rear closure that additionally includes a fairly short ...

Cleto Reyes Hybrid Gloves

Since their introduction into the boxing world in a 1945 world championship fight, Cleto Reyes has long been a global go-to brand for both professional and amateur boxers alike. Prominent in any boxing event on television; most professional ...

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