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RDX Power Fighter MMA Gloves

These RDX MMA gloves are the specific gloves that I personally use in my own training and have been for years now. I’ve repurchased them since my ...

RDX Gel Neoprene Instep Pads

Reviews is on the way. If you own Combat Sports Shin Guards, sumbit your review bellow or join MMA Gear Addict community and become a fight gear ...

RDX Boxing Training Gloves

They're not a bad glove for the price. However I would not recommend them for a seasoned boxer due to lack of protection.

RDX Ego Boxing Gloves

A high quality pair of Maya Hide™ gloves. These are some of the best faux leather boxing gloves on the market in my opinion.

The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for July

It can be super hard to stay current on all of the hottest, top rated trends and new releases of fighting gear. Which is precisely why we have taken ...

RDX Focus Mitts Review

The padding is pretty substantial on these, it’s almost two inches thick and pretty dense. There’s also a nice air pocket (feels similar to a tennis ...

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