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The Hottest New Fight Gear Releases for August 2017: TOP 10

August has certainly gone about proving to be one of the best months for bringing about some of the hottest fight gear. Whether you are looking for a new gym bag or a new Gi, we have comprised a list of all the best equipment and gear that you are ...

Triumph United Tiger 1 Series Pro Muay Thai Shin Guards

This item hasn't been reviewed by our team yet. If you own Triumph United Tiger 1 Series Shin Guards, sumbit your review bellow or join MMA Gear Addict community and become a fight gear tester and reviewer today!


Triumph United Death Adder

The Triumph United Death Adders were one of the gloves I've bought based almost solely on the aesthetics. These are some of the most beautiful gloves I've ever seen and the look itself seems to be based off Grants. What’s more the performance ...

Triumph United Death Star Boxing Gloves

Triumph United is a brand that has interested me from the start. The Death Stars were one of those gloves that had such a simplistic yet attractive style. As soon as they were on sale I picked them up and found that they can compete with top ...

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