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The Triumph United Death Adders were one of the gloves I’ve bought based almost solely on the aesthetics. These are some of the most beautiful gloves I’ve ever seen and the look itself seems to be based off Grants. What’s more the performance easily matches the looks. Because of this, the Death Adders have become some of my favorite boxing gloves.

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Protection and Padding

At first I hated these gloves, the hand compartment was so small that making a fist in them hurt. The foam was solid, very firm and coupled with being unable to make a fist, these gloves seemed absolutely unusable. That is until I broke them in and since I couldn’t make fist I instead broke them in by hand. They softened up very nicely and once I managed to actually hit the bag with them they softened up even quicker. Within just a couple rounds these gloves felt just fine the spar with and the more you used them the more comfortable and soft the padding became. Even so though, the padding has stayed very protective no matter what.

While it has softened up considerably, the foam is like a medium density which means it’s perfect for sparring and perfect for bag work. I can throw any punch as hard as possible and feel some feedback but nothing drastic or painful. The wrist support is also surprisingly good. Surprisingly because the palm side padding is a cotton fiber or something similar. It’s very easy to bend forward but once it’s laced up your wrist stays straight. The back side padding is more firm and offers a lot of support. As I’ve mentioned before I’m not a fan of fiber filling palm side padding but this works fine and it’s tightly packed so it offers some decent room for the wrist.

These gloves are also some of the best for sparring and not just because of the padding. Once broken in they soften up enough to spar but the super compact size is what makes them truly perfect for sparring. These gloves can give you that fight glove size feel while still offering a lot of protection.

death adders boxing gloves review


As I mentioned earlier the gloves were so uncomfortable that it hurt just to make a fist. Once they softened up though these became some of the most comfortable gloves I’ve ever used. First of all, you can make a perfect fist in these because of the thin grip bar, the angled knuckles, and the broken in padding. The liner is also one of the best I’ve ever used just because of how soft it is and obviously it does a fantastic job of managing sweat.

Another reason is because of the welted seams. The joint right before the finger tips has some bunched up leather that acts as almost a secondary grip bar specifically for those joints. Once you wrap your fingers around that and then the grip bar itself, you make an absolutely perfect fist. That bunched up leather is actually something that Winning uses as well it’s just more prominent on the DAs because of the welted seams. The thumb is also more of a straight thumb which means it places the thumb in a perfect position. The hand compartment is a little small but that’s meant to keep the glove compact. Overall the gloves are insanely comfortable once broken in.

Quality and Durability

Probably the best attributes about the Death Adders are the quality and durability. For starters the materials used are high quality, very thick and durable leather, one of the softest liners, and perfect stitching. I have no errors on mine and the leather is also so soft and one of my favorites. So soft that if they rub against each other the gloves slip and slide.

As a testament to the durability of these things, I’ve seen pictures of DAs that were used in a gym environment. They’ve lasted years and are still holding up just fine besides looking dirty. The gloves have been neglected when it comes to care but they’ve been used like crazy and have held up perfectly. The DAs also get better the more you use them, the overall feel and performance are improved with age.

death adders boxing gloves review


The design of the Death Adders is an absolute masterpiece. As I mentioned the foam ages so well and softens up nicely. The grip bar is a perfect size and the bunched up leather combined with the grip bar makes a perfect fist. The thumb is in an ideal position. While I usually stay away from triple cuffs because they’re too sectioned, this triple cuff actually provided amazing support so much so that it really helped out the cotton fiber of the palm side padding.

The size of these things are very impressive. I’ve seen 16oz DAs that are almost as small as a 10oz fight glove. My 14oz are smaller than some of my 12oz gloves. They keep these gloves so compact because the hand compartment is on the smaller side but even so it offers more room once the padding is broken in. As I mentioned earlier, because of the compact size these gloves are perfect for sparring as they mimic that fight glove size.

A general rule of thumb I go by when buying these gloves is to subtract 2oz so a 14oz DA will be a normal 12oz size and a 12oz DA will be a normal 10oz. One last thing to add about size is that if you buy them for the compactness then stick to the lace up variant as the velcro uses a 4in elastic velcro closure and it makes the gloves larger.

Lastly the overall aesthetics as I mentioned before is what sold me from the start. The black, red and white that Grant uses and even the slanted knuckles. The simple logo coupled with the compact size. Even the triple cuff, everything about these gloves is absolutely beautiful and the small details like the welted seams just make them that much better. There are also new color options such as a grey or blue if you don’t like the traditional color combo.

death adders boxing gloves review


Pros & Cons

9.6 Total Score
Triumph United Death Adder

From the beginning the Triumph United Death Adders caught my eye due to their absolutely beautiful design. Once I actually tried them though the performance and padding made me love them even more. The Death Adders have become one of my favorite gloves and gloves that I highly recommend for anyone to try out.

Protection & Padding
Quality & Durability
  • Compact
  • Price
  • Color Options
  • Thumb
  • Padding
  • Construction
  • Quality
  • Design
  • Smaller Hand Compartment
  • Stiff out the Box
  • Palm Side Padding
  • No Palm Vent Holes
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Triumph United Death Adder
Triumph United Death Adder
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  1. Hi There,

    Firstly let me say you do awesome reviews here. Very helpful. I’m
    looking at getting either a set of TU death adders or Sabas gloves.
    I’m wondering if you have compared the Sabas supersoft vs the pro
    series. Mainly I’m looking at using these gloves for bag and pad work
    not for sparring. Is the SS sabas padding as good as the winning or
    would I be better to go to pro series for more protection?


    • Hey Lobo here, thanks for reading my reviews!

      As for the SS vs Pro, the SS have a firmer foam which makes them just a little more protective. I would recommend the Pro though just because they feel so well, the comfort is insane. Its like they’re a part of you and their padding is protective as well.

      You cant go wrong with either glove though. Sabas makes a great product.

  2. Hey Lobo, excellent review! Would you be able to give me your personal opinion on Sabas gloves vs the TU death adders? I want a pair for sparring and was curious if you could give you opinion.

  3. Hello,

    Interested in why you said to subtract 2oz from the size?


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