Venum Elite Shinguards Review

In this article, we will be reviewing the Venum Elite Shinguards. Venum is a combat sports apparel and equipment manufacturer. They provide high-quality gear for many areas of mixed martial arts, including cross-training, boxing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Venum operates throughout several continents, including America, Europe, and Asia. Beginning in 2021, Venum will become the official outfitting partner of the UFC.

Venum Elite Shinguards Review

Shinguards have become an essential addition to everyone’s athletic gear. Whether you are practicing your kicks on a bag or practicing checking kicks from an opponent, training with kicks can do a number to your legs.

It is always important to protect yourself and take the necessary steps to prevent an injury. With their comfort and protection, these Venum Elite Shinguards are a must-have for everyone training in mixed martial arts.

They are made from premium Skintex leather with high-density foam and padding which do a great job protecting your legs. They are also lightweight which allows you to train for longer with less fatigue. 

As someone who has bought multiple pairs of shinguards, I recommend these Venum Elite Shinguards over others for multiple reasons. I have bought a few cheaper options which are usually very light and thin, and they do not offer the protection you need on your shins.

If you have checked kicks without shins before, you know how badly they can hurt. This is why I recommend getting a pair of shinguards with more padding. The Venum shinguards have padding not only on your shin but also around the sides of your calves. This will help protect your legs from kicks coming in at any angle.

Another reason I recommend these Venum shinguards is because they fit very well on any different leg size. They come sized in medium to extra-large so that anyone can use them, and the velcro straps allow you to adjust to a perfect fit, ensuring they will not move around during training.

The wear and tear on these shinguards is hard to notice even after a year of training multiple times a week. Other shinguards with less padding will become noticeably worn out within the same time span. Their quality is obvious, and it will be very hard to switch to other shinguards after using these. 

Even if you are just training by kicking a bag, these Venum shinguards are still a great investment. Most people think they can continuously kick heavy training bags without damaging their legs, but repeated blows can cause bruising and swelling.

These shinguards protect everything from your knees down to your feet, so even if you miss a target, they ensure you are protected. Investing in protective gear such as these shinguards allows you to train longer, harder, and smarter.

Overall, we definitely recommend these Venum Elite Shinguards to everyone, and the reviews online validate our claim. They come in 16 different colors, which allow you to match to any training apparel. If training kicks isn’t something you normally do, adding them into your routine can help you switch things up and get a better workout. Grab a pair of shinguards and start mixing up your routines!

FAQ for Venum Shinguards

What are the best muay thai shinguards?

These Venum Elite shinguards rank among the best muay Thai shinguards. They offer great protection and comfort, with padding all over your shins and the sides of your legs. They will minimize the impact to your legs from incoming kicks as well as the impact from kicking bags or training partners.

How do you wash Venum shinguards?

The best way to wash shinguards is to wipe them with a towel right after training. Sweat can cause the leather to stain, which is why we recommend doing this immediately after use. You should also spray them with a disinfectant spray or wipe them with disinfecting wipes for sanitizing purposes; this will also stop them from smelling bad. You should not put these in the washing machine.

Are Venum shinguards supposed to be tight?

Shinguards should be as tight as they need to be so they do not move around during training. You don’t want to have to mess around with them while you are working out. At the same time, you don’t want them to be so tight that they hurt your legs or stop blood flow. We recommend messing around with the straps a bit until they feel right to you.

Do you need Venum shinguards for heavy bags?

While you do not need them, we recommend using shinguards for kicking bags in order to protect your legs. If you have not kicked bags before, your legs may become bruised and swollen from kicking bags. Using shinguards will allow you to train longer and harder, and they will also help to prevent any injuries. Professionals constantly train with shinguards as they understand the importance of protection, and we think everyone else should use them too. 

Venum Elite Shinguards Review
Venum Elite Shinguards Review
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