What Does NC Mean in UFC (Reasons & Consequences)

If you are just starting to learn MMA or have never watched a UFC match before you might not understand a lot of the terms used one of which is No Contest or NC. No Contest is the term used when a fight is considered null or even canceled and while there are several reasons why this can happen, it goes on each fighter’s record which if you are a seasoned fighter can be quite bad for your reputation. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to a no contest and how it can happen.

Since MMA is also a sport, it follows similar rules, legalities, and regulations as other sports. 

When a no contest is declared in a UFC fight it means that there is neither a winner nor a loser and the fight is null and void. This no contest gets added to both the fighters’ professional records stating that the fight was canceled and the reason why. 

How does a No Contest happen during a fight?

What Does NC Mean in UFC (Reasons & Consequences) - What Does NC Mean in UFC 1

Now, no contest can happen for a number of reasons and some of them include an accidental injury to one of the fighters, which can be serious, dishonest, or illegal tactics and behaviors like kicking, hitting, or sparring at the groin, accidental strikes towards sensitive parts of the body which can result in the fighter getting hurt or even if the drug test has shown up positive for one or both the players. There are certain rules in UFC that need to be followed and if one or more of them are considered illegal in the fight, it’s canceled. 

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What is the result of a No Contest in UFC?

What Does NC Mean in UFC (Reasons & Consequences) - What Does NC Mean in UFC

If a no contest has been declared, not only will it go on the permanent record of both fighters present but they won’t get paid. However, this depends on the type of organization as some fighters will get paid even if a no contest was declared but others may not, this is because some companies will pay fighters for showing up on that day and getting into the ring and even if they fight for five seconds, they will still get to keep their payment for the day.

However, this also depends on the organization and the contract of the fighter along with the terms and conditions that they have agreed to and the type of fight they are in. 

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Wrapping Up

Overall, no contest is a no win or no loss situation and even though it’s quite rare, it can happen. Hence, you need to ensure that you follow the rules of the organization and the contract to the tee so that it doesn’t happen to you. A no contest can permanently go on your record and harm your chances of fighting and getting ahead in the game and so it’s important to always respect your opponent and stick to the rules of combat as well as protect yourself in the long run. 

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