What size speed bag should I get for Boxing?

The old saying “size matters” reigns true in boxing, and couldn’t be more accurate when choosing a speed bag.

The size of your speed bag will directly affect how it works for you, so choose your bag wisely. Through this article, you will be able to know what size speed bag you should get for boxing.

A large speed bag is perfect for beginners figuring out how to hold their hands when punching or throwing kicks. A smaller speed bag requires fast hand movements and greater focus which you will have to develop over time before using it. Therefore, it is a better option for advanced boxers who can control their movement with a variety of punches, kicks, and even their off-hand. 

The general rule of thumb in choosing a speed bag size is to consider how new you are at boxing and the goal you are looking to accomplish with the speed bag.

What size speed bag should I get for Boxing?

What size speed bag should I get for Boxing? - What size speed bag should I get for Boxing

1. Large-Size Speed Bags

Large-size speed bags are ideal for beginner boxers who want to learn how to punch efficiently and accurately. A large-size speed bag is about 53 inches in diameter with heights of 56 inches. It gives beginners a great way to warm up before a workout.

It also helps new boxers by allowing them to develop the correct punching techniques. A large size speed bag is an option for advanced boxers as it helps improve their timing, rhythm, and reflex.

Large-size bags usually have a smaller circumference, perfect for newbies as they can move their hands faster and use more power. 

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2. Medium-sized bags

Medium-sized bags are the most common, and best suited for beginners and even intermediate boxers. They provide a solid base to practice on and move about freely to increase your speed and strength.

The circumference of a medium-sized bag is about 50 inches, and the height is around 56 inches.

You can easily maneuver the ball with one hand, making it perfect for learning how to punch combinations and develop the wrist strength to throw harder punches with better accuracy.

As you become more experienced at boxing, you will eventually want a medium-sized speed bag as an advanced training tool. When choosing a medium-sized bag, make sure that the bag is sturdy and stable enough to withstand continuous impact.

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What size speed bag should I get for Boxing? - What size speed bag shold I get for Boxing

3. Small-sized bags

As you advance in boxing, you will work on precise hand movements and learn how to throw a variety of punches quickly.

A small speed bag, which is usually about the width of a regular punching bag with heights between 54-56 inches, is ideal for advanced boxers because it allows you to practice these techniques without upsetting the speed and rhythm of the bag.

If you use a large bag, you will have to work too much on your punching technique that will cause your hand movement to be inaccurate.

Larger or smaller? The answer is totally up to you! Based on your experience and skill level, many speed bags of different sizes are available for you.

Whatever size you choose, the critical point is to enjoy the training and work hard! Here are a few other essential features you should consider when choosing a speed bag.

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What size speed bag should I get for Boxing? - What size speed bag should Iget for Boxing

Features To Consider When Choosing a Speed Bag

Different speed bags have varying characteristics that make them stand out. Here are a few features to look out for when choosing a speed bag.

a) Rolling Weight

The Rolling Weight is the amount of weight that the speed bag itself has. The heavier the speed bag, the faster it will roll on the ground, but significant trade-offs exist. For one thing, it will take longer for you to get into a rhythm with your punching or kicking because of slower rotation speed.

The speed bag should be easy to carry around when traveling to other boxing gyms or packing it in your suitcase before a fight or trip. The whole point of a speed bag is that it should be portable, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice other features to make it lightweight.

b) Durable Fabric That Won’t Rip and Easy To Clean

Different fabrics are used to make speed bags, such as leather, vinyl, nylon, and more. The fabric should be strong enough to handle regular training sessions and be from a material that isn’t too flimsy.

It’s normal for your speed bag to get whipped around from your punches and kicks, so ensure that it is made of durable material.

The speed bag material should also be easy to clean after each training session. Dirt and sweat pick up on the fabric of the speed bag, which can make it challenging to practice your technique when using it. Many boxing gyms have cleaning stations where you can get your speed bag cleaned after each session.

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What size speed bag should I get for Boxing? - What size speed bag should get for Boxing

c) Easy Inflation

A speed bag should be easy to inflate before training sessions so you can get started faster. Some speed bags come with air pumps, while others require you to inflate them with your mouth manually.

It might sound funny, but it’s a way to get the air inside the speed bag—but there’s a catch. This method can be strenuous and can lead to bad breath if you do it too often, so keep an extra air pump on hand for when you need it.

d) A Large Surface Area on the Front and Back of the Speed bag

The larger the surface area, the more room you have to practice different punches and kicks. The more space you have to work with, the better your control will become.

It means you can use more power strikes with your hands and elbows, which can prove very useful when you’re learning how to throw punches and kicks.

e) Your Preferred Color and Design 

As a further visual development, you can also have a preferred color and design of your speed bag. The color and design will motivate you to train with it, and you will become more inclined to use it.

What size speed bag should I get for Boxing? - What size speed bag should for Boxing

FAQs on Speed Bag Sizes in Boxing

What Is the Best Size Speed Bag?

There isn’t a “best” size speed bag. It all comes down to what you’re comfortable using and what’s suitable for your skill level. The weight of the speed bag will largely depend on how many power strikes you can throw. 

If you’re not throwing any powerful strikes, it doesn’t matter that much if the weight is heavier because it will still move quickly enough to get in some good practice time.

If you are new at boxing, start with an enormous speed bag. A beginner will inevitably transition from a large speed bag to a smaller size once their speed and control improve.

If you already have some fundamentals down, you can transition to a medium size bag. A small size speed bag is for advanced trainers.

How Should I Hang A Speed Bag?

To hang your speed bag, you’ll want to loop the end of your speed bag’s girth straps through the post on one side of the speed bag well above the toes of the bag.

It is best to leave about 3-4 feet (or more depending on your individual preference) between each side of your posts. It will provide plenty of space for you to practice punching and kicking comfortably.

Also, make sure the height is correct. If the bag is too low, it becomes challenging to practice your punches properly. While you might throw some mighty blows, you won’t develop the speed and technique that you would with a high-hanging speed bag.

It’s best to go up one or two feet higher than your natural standing height. You can always bring it down if it’s too high for you, but there isn’t much else you can do if it’s too low.

How to Design a Home Speed Bag Workout Area

It’s up to you how you want to design your speed bag workout area at home, but there are some things to consider. You want an open space to practice throwing different punches and kicks—the more open the site, the better. 

However, if your home doesn’t have much space available, don’t worry about it too much. You can still make the best of your workout with a speed bag, no matter where you are.

Ideally, you want to hang your speed bag in the middle of your open space. If you have a punching bag or two hanging at either side, make sure they are at least 5 feet away from each other. This spacing will allow you to do power throws without having too much disparity between them.

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